Rick And Morty Enter The Nine Realms In God Of War Ragnarok Promo

Rick And Morty Enter The Nine Realms In God Of War Ragnarok Promo
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Mel Ramsay


5th Sep 2022 13:35

Whatever we were expecting, it wasn't this. In a surprise collaboration, Rick and Morty (from the Adult Swim show of the same name) have entered the nine realms to promote God of War: Ragnarok

Why Are Rick And Morty Promoting God Of War Ragnarok?

To be honest, we're not too sure. Although it may have something to do with the show now airing new episodes, so it seems like great timing for both to be included in a promo. To be fair, this isn't the first time the show has promoted a game, with Rick and Morty also releasing an advert for Death Stranding back in 2019. 

In a pretty random clashing of worlds, the official Rick and Morty Twitter account dropped a video of the pair discussing the new game, with Rick using his portal gun to enter the nine realms. He then manages to get his hands on the Leviathan Axe (and comments on other items that are not yet released). 


What Happens In The Rick And Morty God Of War Promo?

It starts with Rick shaving his head to emulate Kratos, slapping red paint on one side of his face as he does so. Morty asks what's going on and why he's shaving his head, and Rick answers that they're going on 'an epic adventure'. In his usual style, he then goes on a bit of rant about Kratos being a dad and the 'kid' being curious, before saying about making choices and facing the consequences. 

When they enter the nine realms, Rick opens a chest and gets the Leviathan Axe and 'other unannounced upgrades'. Morty is being attacked by birds and asks for Rick to use the axe to save him, but he declines as he doesn't want it to get dirty. Fair. 

Rick then finds a boat (does it look familiar?), while Morty continues to get attacked by birds. 

All in all, it's a solid promo and does the job of appealing to the millennial audience that we're sure has a lot of crossovers in terms of fandoms between God of War and Rick and Morty

You can pre-order God of War: Ragnarok now, prior to its release on PlayStation 4 and 5 on November 9, 2022. 



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