Real-life solider claims Call of Duty isn’t close to reality

Real-life solider claims Call of Duty isn’t close to reality
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Jack Marsh


24th May 2023 23:00

Despite efforts to reign in the wacky futuristic vibes in trade for beige and brown boots-on-the-ground action, the Call of Duty titles have obviously ditched realism in the multiplayer department. Still, the campaigns have always tried to stay as true to a war simulation story as possible.

Yes, the campaigns are often used as forms of American war propaganda by stretching the truths of wars gone by, but when you strip away the underlying storylines and examine the raw gameplay, just how similar is the Call of Duty campaign to actual real-life Spec Ops missions?

Well, according to an actual Spec Ops soldier, Call of Duty is 'not even close' to reality.

Call of Duty 'isn’t even close' to reality, claims Spec Ops soldier

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign
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Having played through the Modern Warfare 2 mission "Alone", ex-Spec Ops pair Isreal Wright and Cameron Fath have passed their judgement on the game's realism levels.

The mission sees Soap and Ghost be split up in the favelas shortly after Graves turned allegiances, and you are forced to build and craft items to sneak past the Shadow Company and reunite the fabled duo. Despite saying it would be a "good movie," Fath has confessed that there's a lot to be desired.

After completing the mission, Fath claimed, "Call of Duty comes nowhere close to the training I received in the military. Nowhere near."

Spec Ops soldiers explain why Call of Duty isn't realistic

Aside from your character having almost unlimited health, the Spec Ops pair had one real gripe with Modern Warfare 2, and that was the beefed-up enemies who ate bullets.

"The most annoying part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is those up-armoured dudes. The armour makes it really annoying," said Wright, while Fath added, "Even getting shot by a shotgun three feet away, you're still going to feel that immensely, and the fact that they are not phased by it boggles my mind."

There has always been a fine line between realism and arcade elements in Call of Duty, but as long as we don't see Ghost popping up in a Shredder outfit or King Kong stopping by in the campaigns, we're always going to be splitting hairs.

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