Pro Powerlifter Says God Of War's Thor Is 'Peak Male Performance'

Pro Powerlifter Says God Of War's Thor Is 'Peak Male Performance'
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Tom Chapman


9th Nov 2022 15:43

It's hammer time for Sony Santa Monica, as 2022's God of War Ragnarok looks poised to strike the industry like a bolt of lightning from Thor himself. This electrifying demigod will play a pivotal role in the next chapter, but for some, they refuse to accept him as the God of Thunder. Cue #NotMyThor.

In the world of mythology, we have a strange habit of fat-shaming Thor. While most of us are used to the washboard abs that belong to Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder, that all changed when he ate his feelings in Avengers: Endgame. The writers quickly nixed the idea of "Fat Thor" and coined the phrase "Bro Thor," but then, Sony Santa Monica reignited the argument all over again. 

Despite a brief glimpse of Thor at the end of 2018's God of War, this hooded stranger was kept largely in the shadows. So, when Sons of Anarchy's Ryan Hurst was revealed as him for Ragnarok, there were some raised eyebrows. Complete with a bushy beard and beer belly, it's a far cry from Hemsworth's sex symbol. But who really cares, it's a character from a video game? From Wario to Doctor Robotnik, there are plenty who haven't been doing their crunches.

Is Thor 'Peak Male Performance'? 

Coming to defend the cries of "Fat Thor," three-time powerlifting champion Darren McCormac has come to defend Thor. Speaking to TheSixthAxis, McCormac described Ragnarok's Thor as "peak male performance." Although Thor might not fit the conventional standards for being in shape in 2022, the powerlifter (who has two world records to his name) would disagree.

When asked if Thor could kick his ass, McCormac said, "Absolutely...Like it or not, God of War's Thor is the peak of male performance." Expanding on why this is the case, McCormac said, "As a strength athlete, there is a correlation between bulk and strength. In powerlifting, the most competitive classes are the under 100kg and under 110kg – guys who are lifting multiple times their own bodyweight. These are big men. 100kg is 16 stone, 110kg is nearly 18 stone. They won’t be tall, they'll be bulky."

"The guys lifting the biggest weights will often be in the under 125kg class," continued McCormac, "But not all these guys will have abs, far from it. They'll have a layer of lard over it, a power belly. Any old fool can get abs – yes I am looking at you, Mr Hemsworth – but a power belly and big traps (the muscles either side of your neck) are the sign of a bloody strong man."

We've Come To Love Thor?

Following the initial backlash, fans seem to have warmed to this beefier Thor. Admittedly, it doesn't help that the comedic Mimir calls Thor a "fat dobber," "thunder lummox," and the "biggest butchering b*stard in the Nine Realms." If you want to get technical, Norse mythology depicts Thor as a heavy-drinking brawler who is more in line with Hurst's iteration that the one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Last year, Ragnarok Director Eric Williams explained why this Thor isn't a clone of Hemsworth's lean version from the MCU - saying he wanted to have the intimidating presence of a strongman. We all know the muscular might of Kratos, but with the pair butting heads during at least one point in the campaign, players need to get the sense that Thor is a challenge for the Ghost of Sparta. We say, embrace the bulge.

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