PETA Condemns God Of War Ragnarok For Animal Cruelty

PETA Condemns God Of War Ragnarok For Animal Cruelty
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Tom Chapman


21st Nov 2022 14:32

In a year that it looked like Elden Ring was clear to take the crown, Sony Santa Monica has given it some serious competition in the form of God of War Ragnarok

As the sequel to 2018's beloved God of WarRagnarok is trying to stake its claim as one of the best games of all time. Sadly, not everyone will let that happen.

While Rangarok's scores have largely managed to avoid the review bombing that plagued Horizon Forbidden West for being too "woke," that doesn't mean there aren't those trying to behead Kratos with his own Leviathan Axe.

Among Ragnarok's few critics that aren't journalists being hunted down for negative reviews, PETA has put the Norse adventure in its sights and is firing a flaming arrow at the game.

Warning: mild God of War Ragnarok spoilers ahead

Why Does PETA Hate God Of War Ragnarok?

According to TheGamer, PETA is calling for Sony Santa Monica to introduce a whole new mode that avoids any harm to animals. The PETA Twitter account has repeatedly sent a message that it isn't happy with Ragnarok's storyline.

In particular, PETA has a problem with the boss fight between Kratos and his son Atreus, going against a giant wolf called Garm. Aside from pummeling the wolf, PETA argues that it's been kept chained in the cold without food or water.

During the video, PETA makes the case for the "PETA mode," where you'd simply pass the fight with Garm. With emotive music, some thought this was a joke from a PETA parody account, but trust us, it's the real deal.

The comments were largely against PETA, with critics pointing out that Kratos and Atreus care for wolves at their home. Some said the organisation should get back to rescuing actual animals instead of focusing on a video game. 

Others pointed out that Garm gets a happy ending, while one person questioned why Kratos beating the crap out of a bear (who turns out to be Atreus) didn't get PETA's attention. 

Will God Of War Ragnarok Get Its PETA Mode?

Funnily enough, we imagine Sony Santa Monica is probably a little busy with others things to introduce a PETA mode right now.

This is the latest in PETA's angry stance against video games. Its German branch wanted Far Cry 6 removed from sale due to hunting and fishing, which also highlighted the distasteful use of cockfighting. That's all well and good, but there are more obscure complaints. 

There's also been a fierce debate about whether Animal Crossing can be considered vegan. A viral TikTok showed players bursting into Blathers' museum lover complaints it takes fish out of their natural habitat. PETA also hates the Pokemon games and claims we treat the Pocket Monsters as "objects."

At this point, some would argue PETA is doing more harm than good. Then again, we're writing about it now, and they say no press is bad press.

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