Nintendo Leaker Gives Hope To Mario Kart 9

Nintendo Leaker Gives Hope To Mario Kart 9
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Joseph Kime


18th Feb 2022 13:33

Nintendo's most recent Direct conference was an event in itself simply because it was a Nintendo Direct, but either way, fans knew to be ready for some good news. We hadn't had a Direct in some time, and to be fair to Nintendo, there were some fantastic reveals.

More Fire Emblem and Xenoblade, the return of Mario Strikers and the launch of Nintendo Switch Sports were among fans' favourite announcements - but one stood out above the rest.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is getting huge new DLC, with multiple waves of maps on their way to come to a total of 48 remade courses from across the series' history. It's incredible news for fans of the game, yet it isn't the Mario Kart 9 announcement that a lot of fans were hoping for (rather optimistically, might we add).

But, one leaker has suggested there's no point in dismaying just yet.

Nintendo Leaker Suggests Mario Kart 9 Could Still Be Coming

Though fans were disappointed not to see the announcement of a new Mario Kart title for the Nintendo Switch, one leaker has hinted that it could yet be on the way.

Popular Nintendo leaker Zippo has suggested that the latest announcement for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe doesn't spell the end of development rumours, as it's not actually Nintendo who worked on the DLC themselves.

In a post to the ZippoSpeaks blog covering the whole direct, the leakers said, "I heard shortly after the direct that this DLC is being made entirely by Bandai Namco, EPC has little to no involvement with this, as work continues on the next Mario Kart."

That's not all, though.

New Info About Mario Kart 9 Is Inbound

It looks as though Zippo either knows something and is holding back, or they expect to be hearing more about the potential Mario Kart 9 in the very near future. At the end of the blog post, they said, "I'll be doing articles on this game with more information, as well as articles on Strikers and other things from the direct very soon. Mario Kart will be next."


Who knows what this info could be, but we'll be waiting with bated breath. The prospect of a new Mario Kart is huge - and we're desperate to know when we'll next be getting merked by that dreaded blue shell.


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