NICKMERCS Slams 'Horrible' Warzone Over 'Promising' Apex Legends

NICKMERCS Slams 'Horrible' Warzone Over 'Promising' Apex Legends
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Jack Marsh


26th Oct 2022 11:31

Warzone 2's launch will reinvent the Call of Duty battle royale experience from the ground up, taking inspiration from the typical CoD gameplay experience and outside sources such as Rainbow Six, Escape From Tarkov, and Apex Legends.

But, will Warzone 2 ever recapture the popularity it once donned during lockdown? Well, Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff doesn't think so, and has instead looked towards Apex Legends as the title that can be the most successful BR in the space. Warzone's sequel might struggle to live up to its predecessor, but Activision might well understand that the bedroom lock-ins were heavily influential on its success.

Instead, the slower-pace game will look to capture and retain people by upping the tactical play that is renowned in their new-love "sentinels," and squeeze the "rushers" and "stalkers" into higher SBMM playlists and ranked mode.

NICKMERCS Brands Warzone 2 as 'Horrible'

Still, NICKMERCS remains unimpressed by their new game, despite winning the first-ever game at CoD: Next. Rather, Nick has slammed Warzone 2 as "horrible" and thinks the most "promising" BR of the times is Apex

After taking a look at the brand-new Apex map, Broken Moon, NICKMERCS has taken a shot at the Warzone developers who have failed to take advantage of the new graphics and engines.


"With the graphics today and the engines, you can make these games so beautiful, but instead, they go back in time and put you in a trench and give you a pea shooter," NICKMERCS said in a recent Twitch stream. "Warzone’s been horrible for years, and the future is not looking bright," he added.

NICKMERCS Claims Apex Is More Promising Than Warzone 2

One of Nick's viewers claimed that this is Apex's last hoorah to "be a banger" before the title falls off, but the streamer soon shut down this comment, comparing the promise of Apex and its developers to Warzone.


"Look at the game coming out, it looks really bad, and it looks like they don’t know what they are doing," he claimed, adding, "Apex has consistently shown they are constantly trying to go in a good direction and making good changes."

Apex Legends is rolling out its fifth map now, which is looking to be a favourite within the community, whereas Warzone's Al Mazrah has fans feeling quite cautious about the future of the battle royale.

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