Modern Warfare 2 Reveal 'Rips Off' Rainbow Six Features

Modern Warfare 2 Reveal 'Rips Off' Rainbow Six Features

Written by 

Jack Marsh


15th Sep 2022 21:14

Modern Warfare 2 is pushing the limits of first-person shooters, but as the developers reveal a wealth of information at the Call of Duty: Next showcase, but it all looks a little bit familiar...

The Call of Duty franchise has no problems in taking sprinkles of details from other titles and add their own spin to it when adding them in Warzone. The devs have taken inspiration from the likes of Fortnite when it comes to love events, Apex Legends when it comes to map and gameplay features like redeploy balloons (and even the upcoming backpack addition), and now Rainbow Six: Seige.

Yes, Rainbow Six. The slow-paced tactical search and destroy game. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but Seige has mastered what its tried to become, and yet it appears that Call of Duty fancies a slice of the same pie. Modern Warfare 2 is pretty much Rainbow Six: Seige.

Modern Warfare 2 Adds A Range of Rainbow Six: Seige Inspired Features 

From the off, the Modern Warfare 2 reveal screamed Rainbow Six. From the Warzone Al Mazrah design which looks like a carbon copy of Seige's Fortress map to the first brand-new game mode that relies on the extraction of hostages, the bells immediately begin to ring.

But the 'modern warfare' styled equipment was where the similarities turned from nonchalant to pretty sceptical. Utility cameras that ping enemy locations will be added to both Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer (mainly to be used in Ground War but could equally serve useful in SnD) and Warzone 2 are exactly like those that make R6 unique; the round-based game relies on cameras to identify the hostaes or bomb sites upon each attack and defence, while the fortification of avenues and paths with cameras is a Seige's best weapon.


When it rains it pours too. Drill charges that breach through walls, Rainbow Six. Floor charges, Rainbow Six. DDOS systems like EMP waves, Rainbow Six. Shock darts, Black Ops 3. Oh, and Rainbow Six.

Weirdly enough, the only step away from Seige is the removal of any sort of destrictible environments, which have been a welcome disposal following Vanguard failed experiment. 

Modern Warfare 2 will add more and more features too, including floating mines that will enhance the danger to the amphibious side of the armed forces, blow-up decoys to bamboozle opponents, and ledge-dangling, to snake the f* out of room-campers.

On the whole, Modern Warfare 2 is Call of Duty. The gun play, movement, and aesthetics are all what we know and love. But there's something quite sinister about infiltrating a carbon copy of a Seige map while utilising cameras, shock darts, and drill charges.

With hope, the respawn side of Modern Warfare 2 will be able to be left in tact, but there's a certain malicious scepticism about how large-scale warfare and Search and Destroy rounds will work...

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