NICKMERCS Wins First-Ever Warzone 2 Match At CoD: Next Event

NICKMERCS Wins First-Ever Warzone 2 Match At CoD: Next Event
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Jack Marsh


16th Sep 2022 13:10

Quickly approaching his ten-year anniversary as a content creator, Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff has had quite a whirlwind month. Shortly after finding out that he and his partner are expecting a child, NICKMERCS has become the CoDFather, taking on over one hundred of Call of Duty's best players to be crowned as the first-ever Warzone 2 victor.

Warzone 2's reveal saw a range of new features added to the game. From 2v2 Gulags and NPC strongholds serving as Al Mazrah's more eyebrow-raising adaptations to a bunch of Rainbow-Six-inspired items found their way into the equipment slots, there was a lot to unpack.

A wealth of content creators tried their best though, as Call of Duty: Next pooled 250 streamers and pro players into one hub to give Warzone 2 it's first-ever outing.

Who Won The First Warzone 2 Showmatch?

Diving into Al Mazrah for the first time, NICKMERCS was joined by FaZe Clan's Luke "Scope" Sharretts and Minnesota ROKKR's Ariel "iSmixie", where they quickly began to operate around the main city POI (Al Mazrah City) getting used to the new split-circle. 

Surrounded by some of the most talented players Call of Duty has produced, NICKMERCS' squad soon found themselves in a top four situation, before both Scope and iSmixie were downed before Nick clutched the last kill to become Warzone 2 champions.

To end the game, NICKMERCS was left in a 1v5 situation after iSmixie and Scope were downed, collecting three kills in the final circle to become the inaugural winners.


NICKMERCS Reacts To Warzone 2 Map

Despite not necessarily exploring the map and its new stronghold elements - or even venturing to a buy station to get his own weapons - NICKMERCS described Al Mazrah as "beautiful". 

"She looks good, she looks good" Nick claimed, as he left the dropship for the first time. After seeing the in-game functionality, Nick added, "it's a bit PUBG-ish, maybe".

Nick also played the new Invasion game mode where he quick-scoped fellow Warzone teammate Dennis "Cloakzy" Lapore, before running around the CoD: Next hub to rub it in his face.

The high-profile streamer also took full advantage of the proximity chat, pausing the conflict with enemy player Bobby "Bobbypoff" Poffenbarger where words and moustache-related insults took precedence over the shotguns. By the looks of it, Warzone 2 is off to a strong start, so we'll see you on the battlefield. 

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