New-Gen The Last Of Us Remake Is 'Coming Soon'

New-Gen The Last Of Us Remake Is 'Coming Soon'
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20th Apr 2022 14:16

We hope you've had your booster shot because the Cordyceps infection is set to strike us all over again with a new-gen remake of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. It's been nine years since the survival horror blasted its way onto the scene, so it's about time for a revamp.

Although we had to wait until 2020 to get a sequel to The Last of Us, remember there's already been a remaster of the original - that released just a year after the game first came out. As Rockstar proved with Grand Theft Auto V, there's plenty of merit in milking your cash cow for it all it's worth.

Is The Last Of Us Remake On The Way?

Whispers that The Last of Us will be getting a remake are nothing new, however, Naughty Dog is yet to make it official. Now, VGC points to a string of tweets that suggest The Last of Us will be getting a facelift in 2022. Twitter user @Okami_13 explained how Sony animator Robert Morrison is working on a "banger" for the PlayStation.

There are any number of titles it could be, however, Morrison has reiterated he isn't working on God of War Ragnarok. Added to this, his LinkedIn lists that he works for PlayStation Studios Visual Arts - which is the studio supposedly working on The Last of Us remake for PS5. His mention that "PlayStation has some bangers coming out this year" is especially interesting considering its slate is clear apart from Ragnarok

If you're not convinced, Morrison has reiterated The Last of Us is one of his favourite games. Going against the idea of the remake, he's said he's been working on something for the past three to five years, and given that he only rejoined Sony in 2021, it's unclear what he's referring to here. 


When Could We See The Last Of Us Get A Remake?

The Last of Us Ellie and Joel
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In terms of The Last of Us remake release date, we've previously heard that Sony was working on something to coincide with HBO's The Last of Us TV show release date. Where things start to fall apart is the fact the network has already confirmed that it won't launch until 2023. But what better way to remind people why they should tune into the show than replay its events in video game form? 

At this point, the actual announcement of a The Last of Us remake would be about as surprising as when Rockstar finally revealed GTA 6. There have been multiple reports that Naughty Dog is working on several games at once, with the remake and the long-awaited Factions 2 multiplayer haunting us like the ghost of Joel. Remembering that The Last of Us is held as one of the best games of all time - and sold plenty enough copies to earn the tag - a remake for the PS5 is an easy sell. We can hear the clickers from here.


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