Microsoft reportedly aiming to fill Call of Duty with adverts

Microsoft reportedly aiming to fill Call of Duty with adverts

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Jack Marsh


20th Sep 2023 17:03

Call of Duty has become quite the giant in the gaming industry, and as Microsoft prepares to get its hands on the series, it is also already making plans on how to squeeze every penny out of the games.

The Activision x Microsoft buyout saw the latter cough up an astronomical $69 billion, but thanks to a massive FTC court case leak, it's emerged that they already have plans to fill Call of Duty with adverts to begin raking back a bit of that huge fee.

Microsoft leak outlines advertising plans for Call of Duty


Although the Microsoft acquisition of Activision nearly collapsed - and still hasn't yet been globally approved with the UK CMA still deliberating over the appeal - the Xbox owners have already laid out plans for how to implement advertising into its free-to-play games.

Via the new Microsoft leaks, it's reported that Microsoft is planning to add in-game ads to games including Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush, and Hearthstone.

Naturally, ads are ever-present in mobile titles, often popping up when you first load in or after a handful of games played, but it could be set to be heightened in the future.

Microsoft could place in-game ads in Warzone

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Currently, only the mobile titles are on the list. Still, the reported document circulated by CharlieIntel indicates that PC games could also be targeted, meaning Warzone could have in-game ads in the future too.

It's not yet sure whether this could be replicable of the Diablo pop-up in Call of Duty, advertising other Activision titles, or instead be literal in-game banners on certain Warzone map elements.

Either way, there might be many more new brands being pushed into your face when playing Call of Duty in the future.

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