Call of Duty Zombies community pay respects to iconic character

Call of Duty Zombies community pay respects to iconic character

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Jack Marsh


20th Sep 2023 17:56

The Call of Duty Zombies storyline ended in Black Ops Cold War on one hell of a cliffhanger; Samantha Maxis was trapped in the Dark Aether for eternity, Dr Richtofen had switched allegiances yet again, and his troops had locked up some hugely helpful characters such as Weaver.

The maniacal and menacing Doc had pulled one over on our beloved friends in Forsaken, and the story was then supposed to sit dormant for four years as Treyarch allowed for the other Call of Duty developers to have a moment in the limelight until it was time to revive the game mode in 2024.

Yet Treyarch has now lent a hand in the development of Modern Warfare 3 and brought over Zombies for the first time, and with it, the plot has been forced to jump forward 25 years, revealing the sticky fate of one of our most fabled friends.

Modern Warfare 3 kills off Zombies legend Weaver

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Grigori Weaver is one of the most handy companions in the whole of the Zombies storylines, and is often referenced as a great friend to the Black Ops campaign characters; in the Black Ops 2 mission Old Wounds, Woods stabs antagonist Kravchenko in revenge, saying "You believe in an eye for an eye, huh?" as a reference to when the Soviet Ultranationalist gauged out Weaver's eye in the original Black Ops title.

Yet the one-eyed "Cyclops" and "Pirate" still soldiered on in his CIA operations in the campaigns and later in the Zombies storyline, joining Requiem, and helping Samantha Maxis fend off undead during the Cold War.

However, his story appears to meet an unfortunate ending, as 25 years after the happenings of Forsaken, the new Zombies story has revealed Weaver's death, as his eyepatch-wearing corpse was found rotting on a table which protected a vial of Element 115.

Call of Duty fans honour Gregori Weaver after Modern Warfare 3 trailer

Popular Zombies content creator Jon "MrDalekJD" Hutchinson immediately noticed Weaver's death in the intro scene and took to Twitter to honour his legacy with the typical "Press F" homage.

A tonne of F's were also plastered on Twitter from other accounts, hoping to self-revive the character, although it looks like we're too late.

Fans also speculated that the three other men on the table were also Cold War Zombies background characters Grey, Carver, and Strauss.

This might not actually be the end of Weaver though, as who knows what his fate will be as the Element 115 breakout rewakens fallen soldiers in the area. Maybe he's set for a more disturbing return to action as some form of Zombies boss.

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