You'll Be Able To Explore 'Multiple Continents' In GTA 6

You'll Be Able To Explore 'Multiple Continents' In GTA 6
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Joseph Kime


14th Mar 2022 10:41

Rumours about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 have swirled for some time now because to be fair, we've been without a new game for a good while.

Grand Theft Auto V has naturally carried the franchise for a long time, now spanning three different console generations without ever really giving Rockstar Games a reason to move on. The amount of money that GTA Online makes would make CJ blush - but still, fans want a new game just as much as they're happy with what they've got. And now that we've got confirmation that a new Grand Theft Auto is officially in development, we've got a lot to be looking forward to.

And as it turns out, the new GTA game could be one of the franchise's biggest ever.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Span 'Multiple Continents'

It looks like Grand Theft Auto 6 could end up being the most expansive that the franchise has ever seen, as one insider claims that the game will cover 'multiple continents', making for what could be the largest playable area in Grand Theft Auto history.

The news comes from industry insider Michael Pachter, who also claims that the game has been in development since 2014.

"GTA is gonna take 10 years or more", he says. "And the reason is, my understanding is, it's a mash-up of Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, so GTA 3, and Europe. So London, for sure. And you're going to be able to go anywhere on those continents, and you're gonna have missions that'll take you all those places."

But, that's not all.

GTA 6 Will Be 400-500 Hours

You'll Be Able To Explore 'Multiple Continents' In GTA 6
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Not only is the game set to be big in terms of scale, but it's also set to be pretty expansive in length, too, with Pachter claiming that the game is going to offer hundreds of hours of gameplay.

"It'll probably be a 4 or 500-hour game. That's what they are now, that's what they've turned it into. And I get it because they're like 'We're gonna charge you 60 bucks, then we're gonna give you an online experience and you're gonna have to carry drugs from London to LA, and you're gonna have to go through the port in Miami. They're gonna do all this really cool stuff."


They're big promises to make, but if they come through, then it could make Grand Theft Auto 6 one of the biggest and most ambitious games ever made. No pressure, then, Rockstar.


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