Modern Warfare 2 Beta Dates Confirmed

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Dates Confirmed
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


8th Aug 2022 11:38

The weight of the world lies on the shoulders of Modern Warfare 2, with the Call of Duty franchise facing a make-or-break year yet again. The death of multiplayer is pending, amid a woeful year of Vanguard action, and with Modern Warfare 2 taking over for two years, the thirst to find a winning recipe is of the utmost importance.

It's quite befitting that while the professional Vanguard season was reaching its climax, Activision used the CDL Grand Finals broadcast to start preparing for the future.

With the Grand Finals concluding Vanguard's lifeline for many players, Infinity Ward revealed the upcoming dates for the first chance to play Modern Warfare 2: the multiplayer beta.

Infinity Ward Reveal Modern Warfare 2 Beta Dates

Following map two of the game between Atlanta FaZe and Los Angeles Thieves, Infinity Ward slipped in a reveal for the beta, announcing a full lineup of dates for players to get a sneak peek at the game.

Spanning over two weekends, the beta will take place from September 16-20 and September 22-26, with the second weekend being opened up to players on all consoles.

The Call of Duty League stream handed out 50,000 beta keys to players across multiple platforms, while pre-ordering is amongst a range of other ways to get the Modern Warfare 2 beta access.


PlayStation Players Granted A Free Weekend Of Modern Warfare 2 Beta

The leaks that suggested that PlayStation's deals with the Call of Duty franchise are still in the works and have now come to light, as the entire first weekend of the open beta will be exclusive to Sony's platform.

From September 16-20, players on PlayStation will be able to get the lowdown of their console competitors, as Sony and Call of Duty strike possibly their final bargain before Microsoft takes control of Activision.

However, the free-for-all resumes the week after. Kicking off on September 24, all players who have received a beta key will be able to get a good look at Modern Warfare 2's last test before its official release.

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