You Can Visit Middle Earth In Minecraft And It's Incredible

You Can Visit Middle Earth In Minecraft And It's Incredible

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Jack Marsh


26th Dec 2020 18:53

Minecraft has endless possibilities when you have all the time in the world. With hundreds of different blocks to choose from, players over the years have made some wonderful and majestic designs.

Whether its Hogwarts Castle or a floating Death Star, users have created some outstanding buildings in the past, but a group of players combined have managed to create one of the most beautiful worlds ever made.

Middle Earth plays host to the Lords of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies and has some of the most interesting building designs such as the tower of Orthanc, Bilbo Baggins' hut in the Shire, and the Pillars of Kings - also known as the Argonath. Alongside gorgeous cities such as Gondor and Dol Amroth, the massive world that is Middle Earth has now been recreated block by block on Minecraft.

Founded in 2010 by "q220", the server has become a community project and has developed each corner of its map (which coincidentally is the same area size of the city of Dallas, Texas) into a block representation of J.R.R Tolkiens best-selling novels.

The server now runs with hundreds of players pulling their weight on separate projects in order to make the complete Middle Eart replication, down to the final pillar of Minas Tirith and the plantation of flowers around Bag End.

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Players can still put their own touch on the world and join one of the projects, contributing to the coolest Minecraft lobby in existence. Block architects who want to join can head to their website. Should you strap on your great beard and grab a staff to fly around with in creative mode, make sure you take many captures before a wave of orcs rain down on the server.


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Images via Minecraft Middle Earth | Mojang Studios

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