Minecraft GTA 6 trailer proves that blocky animations aren't dead

Minecraft GTA 6 trailer proves that blocky animations aren't dead
Rockstar Games | YouTube - EvilGame

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Joseph Kime


31st Dec 2023 14:34

The Minecraft community has been going strong for some time now.

Even though some might presume that the communities supporting the sandbox game faded away some time ago, there are still enough active fans of the game to make it one of the most popular on YouTube, and enough to manufacture a strike of the annual mob vote.

Fans of Minecraft clearly aren't going anywhere - and now, they've proved that their love for animations in the game's style hasn't departed yet either.

Fan develops GTA 6 trailer in Minecraft

Players of Minecraft will know about the hold that Minecraft animations and Machinima videos had on video game culture back in the day, and one video uploaded to YouTube has proved that this style never actually went anywhere.

YouTuber EvilGame has shared their version of the long-awaited trailer for GTA 6, albeit filmed and performed entirely using Minecraft. The style is instantly recognisable, and it's a real throwback to the golden era of Minecraft on YouTube that also looks forward to the exciting future that features the next Grand Theft Auto game.

It's an incredibly charming reflection of the trailer, and it speaks volumes of the creativity that players are willing to use until the game actually comes out.

GTA fans are losing their minds a little bit

The key art for Grand Theft Auto 6
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Rockstar Games

It's good that some fans are finding creative outlets for the ungodly hype that is powering GTA right now, because some are starting to descend into panic and bonkers theories.

Some fans reckon that people are watching the trailer "wrong," while others are starting to worry that the game isn't going to be long enough to justify the huge wait that has preceded it. As if this carnage in the fanbase wasn't enough, there are already scammers tempting players with a fake PC port.

It's carnage in the GTA community right now, so some charming reflection on the trailer goes down a treat. Everyone calm down, everything is going to be fine.

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