Jason Momoa's ‘live-action’ Minecraft movie gets a release date

Jason Momoa's ‘live-action’ Minecraft movie gets a release date
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Joseph Kime


6th Apr 2023 08:36

Nobody could predict that Minecraft would be on the ever-growing slate of video games to get their own movie, but then again, nobody expected that a Playmobil movie would work, and it did. Kind of.

Either way, the open-ended style of Minecraft doesn't exactly lend itself to an immediate narrative - as the critical panning of Minecraft: Story Mode proved. To put it straight onto the big screen feels like a disaster waiting to happen.

Then again, with Aquaman and Dune beau Jason Momoa steering the ship, it feels like we couldn't possibly predict what's coming next. There's one thing we can say for certain about the Minecraft movie, and that's that it has a new release date.

The Minecraft movie has a release date

Jason Momoa's ‘live-action’ Minecraft movie gets a release date
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The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that some big and high-profile changes have been made to Warner Bros.' upcoming movie slate. This has affected most of its in-production titles, but as a result, has bumped up Jason Momoa's Minecraft movie to get its own release date.

It has finally been revealed that the film will be hitting the big screen on April 4 2025, and while that seems like a way off from now, it makes sense for its current presumed production progress because we haven't seen anything from the film yet. 

We know Napoleon Dynamite's Jared Hess is directing, but apart from Momoa, nothing is known about the cast or story. Even though there's no telling what Minecraft will look like, at least we now have a date that will allow us to prepare for impact. 

What else has Warner Bros announced?

Along with the date of the Minecraft movie, Warner Bros. has revealed that it has unscheduled the animated Toto film based on The Wizard of Oz, with its 2024 release date being filled with Barry Levinson's The Wise Guys starring Robert DeNiro.

There have also been a couple of switches, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom swapping its Christmas Day release date with The Colour Purple's December 20 drop.

We've no idea what's in store for us with the upcoming Minecraft movie, but maybe that's for the best. If there are horrors trapped in there, we'd prefer they stay in there as long as possible.

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