Millions have watched the Mario Movie for free on Twitter

Millions have watched the Mario Movie for free on Twitter
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2nd May 2023 13:05

Well, they've done it. The Super Mario Bros. Movie has finally crossed one billion dollars at the box office. At this stage, it's hardly a surprise - fans have been loving the movie and how it represents the hundreds of tiny details about the Mario series on the big screen.

With Illumination's animated adventure only recently debuting in Japan after its prior financial successes, it felt like it was only a matter of time before the film soared over that all-important milestone.

There's every chance The Super Mario Bros. could cross over into the top ten highest-grossing movies of all time if people keep showing up for it - but it turns out that you don't have to turn up to cinemas to see it.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is doing the rounds on Twitter

Millions have been watching the Mario Movie for free on Twitter
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Frankly, we're pretty shocked that this didn't happen sooner. It looks like the pirates have finally won, as an illegal recording of The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been seriously doing the rounds on Twitter.

As first reported by Forbes, the Twitter account "vids that go hard" posted a recording of the entire movie, to be met with nine million views.

The Twitter team has finally woken up and pulled the video, but it looks like the account isn't going to be reprimanded in any way. It's a pretty massive feat to put the current biggest movie in the world on Twitter and simply get away with it, so fair play to them.

Now that attention has been drawn to it, expect other illegal streams of The Super Mario Bros. Movie to be popping up like Power stars in the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Fans blame Twitter for Super Mario Bros. Movie blunder

Millions have been watching the Mario Movie for free on Twitter
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Many are blaming the current state of Twitter under the ownership of Elon Musk for the video staying up for so long, as the company has lost too many staff members to be able to effectively police piracy of this scale.

As Twitter Blue subscribers can poster longer videos, it's increasingly easy to upload whole movies to the platform, with The Super Mario Bros. Movie's full runtime becoming an obsession of pixel pirates right now. If you know where to look, Avatar: The Way of Water is also up there. 

Even so, many fans aren't all that mad, and instead commend the accounts for keeping the Mario Movie up. After all, it's the general public that's definitely gaining from this opportunity. Nothing like a slice of anarchy on Twitter to raise the spirits.

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