Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Skin Branded Racist By Players

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Skin Branded Racist By Players
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Jack Marsh


19th Dec 2022 12:26

Although operator skins are a major factor in how the Call of Duty franchise makes its money, a leaked Modern Warfare 2 skin is quickly becoming under fire from fans as it has begun circulating on social media, with many branding it as "racist."

Call of Duty's elaborate skin pool has been ever-growing since Modern Warfare 2019 started a wacky scheme, and throughout the Vanguard era, we had some of the weirdest crossovers yet, including King Kong. 

The giant gorilla was brought into the CoDverse through a movie franchise collab which didn't quite go down too well, even if you could tickle his plums for XP. But it now appears that the devs want to bring a gorilla operator into MW2, without the blockbuster franchise, and it's already causing controversy.

Leaks Suggest Gorilla Operator Is Coming To Modern Warfare 2

Ahead of the Japanese-themed Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, leaks have already begun to reveal some operators and maps. However, one new leak has surfaced on social media after the Reloaded event, and it shows a new gorilla operator in action.

Although this leak has also appeared on Twitter in different forms, only to be removed via copyright, a Reddit user has now found that a gorilla operator has appeared in private matches as a bot, indicating that the skin will be brought into the full game in the coming weeks.

The skin shows a white man dressed in the typical Mil-Sim uniform, apart from his face, which is concealed by a gorilla mask, for no other reason than face concealment. 

MW2 Fans Claim Leaked Gorilla Skin Is Racist

After the skin began doing the rounds on Reddit, it was clear to see that the semantics surrounding gorillas and people would cause a stir in a community notorious for being controversial. 

"Kids will buy the skin and make racist usernames and clan tags to match," said one fan. Another backed this message by saying, "How can CoD not see this coming from a mile away?" A third said, "I think it's okay in theory, just not very excited about the 'funny' teenagers buying the skin and making racist usernames :/" 

Not everyone is against it though, as one wrote, "Mfs upset at this but running Kong skin in Caldera." Another concluded, "Cool ass operator skin and can't wait for it to come out. You can keep crying about it though."

Others have also taken outrage on this matter as the gorilla suit clearly strays away from realism, and apart from having World Cup winner Lionel Messi running around as an operator, Modern Warfare 2 has done quite well at keeping a realistic element to the game.

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