Call Of Duty: Warzone XP Farm Found In King Kong's Plums

Call Of Duty: Warzone XP Farm Found In King Kong's Plums
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Joseph Kime


19th May 2022 14:17

Warzone's Operation Monarch event is in full swing. And naturally, it's a little controversial. Some players utterly loathe it, claiming that the series has long left behind its dedication to historical accuracy - but then again, it's pretty sick to see King Kong and Godzilla cutting about Caldera.

Gamers might be taking Call of Duty a little too seriously, and can't quite adapt to the silliness on show here. Others are loving just how chaotic it is that the son of the atomic bomb has rocked up in CoD. Yet, the silliness just seems to keep going, as a new Warzone XP farm has been discovered in King Kong's testicles. No, really.

Where Is The Call Of Duty: Warzone XP Farm?

We'd like a word with whoever discovered this Call of Duty: Warzone XP farm. One Redditor has discovered that hovering in a helicopter between King Kong's legs can bag you a huge wealth of XP. It's just by practically sitting there and bonking Kong every so often.

User u/Mundoschristmas shared a video, showing that if you're in a helicopter that gets close enough to his nards, you'll continue to clip the inside of his thighs and make new XP every single time you do. It's earned for inflicting damage on King Kong.

It's a wild little trick, and by hovering around Kong's plums, you could be soaring through the levels quicker than ever. Redditors blushed at this inadvertent glitch and are sure to be dashing to Kong's lower regions in their droves. It's a handy - but admittedly short - way to nab some XP. Also, it might be a little tough to get there.


Kong Keeps His Nards Well Protected

Once you're between Kong's legs, you're golden until he finally retaliates. The difficulty with getting up in Kong's business is that he's not the biggest fan of flying objects. The giant gorilla frequently clears them out of the sky and also performs a stomp attack which will see you off sharpish if you're tucked away under his crown jewels.

It's probably why the XP farm video is so short - but it's clearly working for the short period shown in the video itself. Though you might not be able to hang around near King Kong's testicles for long, it may be incredibly beneficial for you - and that's a sentence we never thought we'd end up saying.


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