Castle Set To Be Remastered For Japan-Themed MW2 Season 2

Castle Set To Be Remastered For Japan-Themed MW2 Season 2
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


6th Dec 2022 15:04

Modern Warfare 2 is steadily finding its feet, after a turbulent start to life, filled with bugs and a vastly different style of play in comparison to its predecessor. 

More content is on its way, with Season 1 nearly reaching its halfway stage. The Reloaded event will roll out a remastered map straight from the top of the archive pile. It seems this will be a generic pattern for Modern Warfare 2.

Leaks have also revealed another old-scholl map is coming shortly. Straight out of the mouldy Vanguard bag, Castle is set to be remastered for Modern Warfare 2.... again.

Castle Set To Land In Modern Warfare 2 Season 2

Having once been a timeless classic from World at War, the Japanese castle became somewhat of an automatic skip in Vanguard - only really being a popular choice in Sledgehammers' experimental large-scale multiplayer modes like 16v16. 

Yet Infinity Ward must've seen some promise in it from a 6v6 perspective, as leaks for Season 2 strongly suggest that Castle is coming back. Images leaked for the upcoming season show the Modern Warfare 2019 operator Ronin posing in front of a familiar setting.

The second season of Modern Warfare 2 isn't set to be released until the new year, although it seems that Infinity Ward has still not fixed the leaks in their HQ and the key imagery appears damning.

Why Is Castle Being Remastered Again?

For those long-time advocates of the Call of Duty franchise, Castle was not well received in Vanguard. Still, it was somewhat favourable with players who wanted to camp for camos challenges. 

Having been best played with larger scale teams, Castle might be chopped up somewhat to force players to interact at a 6v6 level, but with many of the Sentinel-based POIs left in-tact.

Despite not being a Ground War pull-out, Castle likely comes before many other remastered maps to save the best for last, which is expected to be the year two content.

The Japanese Castle will most likely be a mid-season release, akin to how Shipment was only added halfway through Season 1. If this is the case, it could mean it's February before we harness our inner samurai. 

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