Jason Momoa Is The Perfect Kratos In God Of War Series Concept Art

Jason Momoa Is The Perfect Kratos In God Of War Series Concept Art
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9th Aug 2022 11:20

Henry Cavill, Tom Holland, Pablo Schreiber, and Pedro Pascal? What do they all have in common? Apart from all being incredibly shredded, all of these leading lads have starred in big-budget adaptations of your favourite gaming franchises. As we prepare for a live-action God of War series, the question remains, who should play Kratos? 

While live-action video game adaptations were once remembered for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson chewing the scenery for DOOM, the genre has thankfully seen a resurgence - well, as long as you ignore Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. A live-action God of War has been blowing in the wind for years, and whoever lands the lucrative role of Kratos is sure to divide the cutthroat gaming fandom. 

What Would Jason Momoa Look Like As Kratos?

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Over on Instagram, Digital Creator Rahalarts has shown off their concept for Jason Momoa as Kratos. The 43-year-old definitely has the muscles to play the MVP of Sony Santa Monica's mythological masterpiece, and with macho roles in everything from Game of Thrones to Frontier, Aquaman to Dune, he's also got the A-list chops to bring God of War to the mainstream of streaming. 

In the concept art, we see Kratos' signature pale complexion and red tattoos. Interestingly, he's sporting the same beard as the older and more gruff Kratos from 2018's soft reboot, suggesting that Rahalarts imagines a trip to Norse mythology instead of a Kratos origin story. The OP says Momoa is "perfect" for Kratos but just needs to bulk up a little bit.

There were calls for Amazon to make it happen right now, but with no known release date for the live-action God of War series, we imagine we're still a way off securing Momoa or anyone else for the role of Kratos. One supporter cheered, "I'm 100% down for that. I love it." Not everyone was convinced though, and as someone championed Dave Bautista, let's throw open the gates to fan castings.


Who Else Could Play Kratos In God Of War?

Of course, we'd be wrong not to return to a firm favourite here at GGRecon. For as long as we can remember, there have been war cries for Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman to shave his head and play Kratos. It's an idea Offerman himself has supported - while even God of War legend Cory Barlog has thrown his weight behind the idea. It completely depends on whether we want to tackle Kratos' Greek mythology days or his rebooted Norse adventures from 2018's God of War

Obviously, the list extends beyond Momoa and Offerman. Other frequent choices include Gerard Butler - who was rumoured to be involved with the project way back when Sony announced a GoW movie. Resident body transformer Tom Hardy would be a popular one, and finally, let's not forget The Rock even teased his involvement. Personally, we're not a big fan of the latter option. Between Johnson and Chris Pratt, there are no jobs left in Hollywood for anyone else. Whoever we pick, there's sure to be someone who just wants a good moan. 

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