It Finally Seems Like Everyone In The World Owns GTA V

It Finally Seems Like Everyone In The World Owns GTA V
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Joseph Kime


9th Nov 2022 11:26

Grand Theft Auto is such a giant in the gaming industry, it's almost easier just to ignore it. When it comes to lists of the most lucrative video games in the world, you should just pretend that GTA V  is there because it's streaks ahead of the rest.

The game is one of the absolute biggest on the planet, and with the constant updates that GTA Online receives along with the lively GTA RP community, it simply just keeps on rolling. But now, it looks like the GTA train is starting to slow. After almost a decade.

GTA V Sales Are Finally Slowing Down

It Finally Seems Like Everyone In The World Owns GTA V
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Wow, it took the gaming industry long enough. Maybe it's a little spiteful to call the slowing of sales a relief, but it looks like the charts are getting some respite from GTA V. A new quarterly report has hinted at a lifespan low for the game in terms of purchases. We guess everyone finally owns the game.

The recent quarterly financial earnings call from Take-Two has revealed that the game only sold around a million copies between July and September. Of course, this is a silly amount of copies sold, with the game being out for just under a decade.

Still, it's an indicator that the game is slowing down. It's not likely to be anything to do with demand for GTA V - which remains high with gamers - so, what is it that has brought about this change?

Why Are GTA V Sales Slowing?

Even though we joke about everyone in the world already owning GTA V in some capacity, it may genuinely be a case of everyone having a vague intention to play the title already owning it on whichever console they're playing on. It was bound to happen eventually.

There's also a chance that the announcement of GTA 6 has stunted sales a bit - but those players holding off might have underestimated exactly when they'd be able to play the game, as it's still many years off. Regardless, GTA V is still incredibly strong and remains an essential title for console players. We're sure Rockstar isn't exactly scraping for cash.

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