New GTA Online Map Leaked By Insider

New GTA Online Map Leaked By Insider
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


19th Jan 2022 11:44

If you're a little bored of the same old San Andreas for the past nine years, it could be about time we get a new GTA Online map. As all eyes are on what's next for GTA, but as we're left in the dark about the mythical GTA 6, a huge GTA Online update could take our eyes off that. 

Part of GTA Online's longevity is that Rockstar has continued to update it - and we don't mean those lacklustre Red Dead Online updates. From the massive Heists update of 2015 through to December's The Contract that put Dr Dre into GTA, the online multiplayer shows no signs of slowing down.

Is A Massive GTA Update On The Way?

There are hopes that the upcoming GTA V: Expanded & Enhanced will give us our first real hints of GTA 6, but in the meantime, a map overhaul of GTA Online could do the same. According to trusted leaker and dataminer Matheusvictorbr (via, a new map could be tacked onto the already colossal GTA Online

A translation of what's on the way explains, "Rockstar's original plan was the same (talking about just upgrading the last-gen versions with patches) with a GTA Online Standalone launching sometime in 2021. But with the growth and evolution of GTA Online, it needs to have an engine that can withstand the precision and constant growth ahead."

On how this could affect the GTA Online we already have today, Matheusvictorbr added, "Since they are doing a readaptation... As I mentioned a while ago Rockstar Games is preparing three amazing things for GTA Online. I can't say much, but pack your bags." Although they didn't confirm on what this means, it definitely sounds like a new locale is on the way.

What's Next For GTA?

The interesting bit to take into consideration here is the mention of "pack your bags." It's no secret that those wild and wonderful GTA 6 theories have teased a variety of locations for the next main entry. Among those that keep popping up, we've heard that a South American city could be a POI you can travel to. 

Picture the scene where GTA Online gives us the first tease of GTA 6 new hub. Then again, GTA leaks and rumours should be taken with a mountain of salt. All of the above could just be another elaborate Project Americas, and we'll be stuck with just more money-making GTA Online updates.


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