Insiders Promise GTA 6 Already Looks 'Incredible'

Insiders Promise GTA 6 Already Looks 'Incredible'
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Tom Chapman


27th Apr 2022 13:44

Looking back at the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (not its 2021 re-release), it's safe to say a blocky Tommy Vercetti and his floral shirts haven't exactly aged well. Things look even more dated when you go back to the old days of the top-down Grand Theft Auto games. Still, what did you expect decades later? 

We finally know Rockstar Games is getting behind the wheel for the upcoming GTA 6, and with its release date presumably still years away - despite what those rumour merchants will they and peddle - we're expecting a truly new-gen addition to the record-breaking GTA name. With this comes an expectation it'll look suitably glossy.

What Does GTA 6 Look Like?

As with anything GTA, take all of the above with a healthy dose of scepticism. Posting on Twitter, Rockstar Mag founder Chris Klippel hyped the look of GTA 6. Translated from French, his tweet reads, "Obviously, the new version of the graphics engine of #RockstarGames (RAGE9) which will be used for #GTA6 is likely to be quite incredible. I was able to get very positive feedback, we really shouldn't be disappointed on this point. We are talking about an engine ahead of its time."

Klippel's track record proves that he's a man in the know, but when pushed on what these "incredible" graphics look like, he simply said, "Apparently the goal is to outperform the Unreal Engine. They are capable of it, we will see if they can do it." 

A beefier version of the RAGE makes sense to showcase the jewel in the crown that GTA 6 will be, but if it really has the potential to rival Unreal, get ready for something seriously special. Then again, with GTA V being the most successful entertainment product of all time, it makes sense Rockstar is putting everything it's got into making sure GTA 6 is a worthy successor. 


When Will We See More Of GTA 6?

Although most of the big gaming showcases of 2022 are still to come, we wouldn't put any bets on Rockstar revealing gameplay footage or even a cinematic trailer this year. Then again, we've been wrong before. Klippel has previously championed a potential 2024 release and said GTA 6 could take place in two different time periods. If we are hopping between timelines, there's a very real chance those whispers of a Vice City sequel could be coming true.

Remembering the abuse Grove Street Games got for the graphics in the lacklustre GTA Trilogy, Rockstar has already tried to turn this around with the gorgeous graphical prowess of the Expanded & Enhanced GTA V. At the moment, there's literally nothing officially to go on, other than the fact GTA 6 is officially in its early stages. Even then, Rockstar buried the announcement deep in a generic press release. We get that there's a lot of pressure on GTA 6, but come on guys, give us something. Even a screenshot would do at this point.


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