Don't Expect Any GTA 6 Updates In 2022

Don't Expect Any GTA 6 Updates In 2022
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


4th Mar 2022 13:35

It sounds like we're running on empty when it comes to GTA 6 news, as an industry insider claims we won't be getting any updates on the next game in 2022. Casting your mind back to last month when the GTA rumour mill was in overdrive, Rockstar nonchalantly announced that work was already underway on GTA 6

For years, we've heard fanciful whispers of a trip to South America, the franchise's first female protagonist, a modern-day Vice City, and so many more. It's been nine years (and counting) since GTA V raced to become the most profitable entertainment product of all time, but sadly, the wait until the next chapter is only set to get worse.

What's Going On With GTA 6?

The surprise announcement of GTA 6 is all well and good, but apart from confirmation Rockstar is "working on" the game, we've been cast back out into the sea of rumours with no further information. According to noted inside AccountNGT: "Don’t expect any news before the end of the year."

Rockstar said it was looking forward to sharing more information soon, however, we wouldn't really class 2023 as soon. If AccountNGT is correct, that would completely debunk those ideas that we'll get a glossy new-gen trailer before the year is out. Remembering that AccountNGT recently teased a Sly Cooper reboot, the leaker is pretty trusted in the industry.

All of the above needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, but that's nothing new for GTA. Given that we've had so many years to speculate, what're a few more months between friends? Let's also remember those scandalous reports that GTA 6 had to restart development, suggesting that this could be behind the radio silence.


Is Rockstar Playing The Long Game With GTA 6?

Did you really expect anything else though? GTA V is still a massive game that regularly tops the charts, and it's largely held up by the continued popularity of GTA Online. Only recently, there was The Contract DLC that added Dr. Dre to the game and served as something of a GTA V sequel with Franklin.

If all of this wasn't enough, we have the GTA V Expanded & Enhanced coming out on March 15 and is sure to only add to the record-breaking sales of GTA 6's predecessor. Financially, it just doesn't make sense for Rockstar to start flogging its next cash cow until the previous has been milked dry. Then again, we could be given a surprise drop of a trailer at this year's E3. Here's hoping!


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