New-Gen GTA V Removes Transphobic NPCs

New-Gen GTA V Removes Transphobic NPCs
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Tom Chapman


18th Apr 2022 13:34

Rockstar Games has moved with the times and seemingly cut a series of transphobic NPCs and their dialogue from the new-gen release of Grand Theft Auto V. The souped-up PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series release of 2013's game has kept almost all of its content, but unfortunately, not all of that was welcome.

As GTA V now hits its third generation of console, it's proof it has stood the test of time. This comes with its own problems considering how much the industry has changed in the past nine years in terms of transgender representation. Grand Theft Auto has seemingly listened to these critiques and cut its divisive content. 

What Has GTA V Removed?

Posting on Twitter, @kirstycloud explains how scenes involving a series of "drag queens" (this is what they're called in the files) outside the Cockatoos nightclub have been altered. Previously, these caricatures featured garish makeup and prominent bulges. These NPCs still exist in Director Mode, but their lines - including mentions of hormones - have been removed.

Elsewhere, redditor u/jayprospero pointed out that an in-game arcade prop has been changed. The Captain Spacetoy figure included "interchangeable genitalia," which is no longer the case. It's thought that these changes have come off the back of a September plea from OutMakingGames. Lines like "Hello, sir. I mean, madam. I mean, whatever," leave a nasty taste in our mouths, and we're shocked they made the leap into the Expanded & Enhanced version of the game.

The open letter called for Rockstar to alter GTA V over "extremely harmful stereotypes" that allowed "players to be repulsed by them and even to relish hurting and killing them." The organisation called out the game's depiction of "trans and gender diverse people" and caused quite a stir. At the time of writing, Rockstar hasn't addressed any of the above. 


Does GTA V Still Have A Problem?

Transgender GTA V
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There's still work to be done in terms of the GTA franchise, and while games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Hogwarts Legacy have made leaps in terms of transgender representation, Rockstar isn't flying the pink, blue, and white flag. 2013's GTA V also included a UPS-inspired delivery company called Post Op that includes slogans including "No Longer Just Mail" and "Your Package is Safe in Our Hands," so take what you want from that.

Let's also remember the debacle when GameSpot's Carolyn Petit called out the game's misogyny when it first released. She was met with a slew of negative comments and petitions to be sacked. Ultimately, it's GTA's sometimes toxic fandom that also plays a part into all of this. With continued rumours you'll finally have a female protagonist in GTA 6, Rockstar can hopefully turn around its sometimes tarnished reputation. 


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