Call of Duty: Warzone officially shuts down & fans pay tribute

Call of Duty: Warzone officially shuts down & fans pay tribute
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Alex Garton


21st Sep 2023 13:59

Having originally released back in March of 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone was an immediate phenomenon in the battle royale genre.

With millions of players diving down onto Verdansk with their squad, a lot of CoD fans have fond memories of picking up their first win or clutching up in a seemingly unwinnable gunfight.

While the popularity of the game tailed off slightly with the release of Caldera and of course Warzone 2, it laid the foundation for WZ2's current form.

Now the game's final day has come with Activision shutting down the title on September 21, the community has paid tribute to the OG Warzone and everything it brought to the table.

CoD fans pay tribute to the OG Warzone

Taking to Twitter on September 21, popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone decided to pay tribute to Warzone 1, thanking the game for all the "memories."

Reflecting on the past, they argue that "despite all the ups and downs, one day we will all look back and miss those days on Verdansk and Caldera."

A lot of their followers agreed, sharing their disappointment and sadness that the OG Warzone is now locked off forever.

"We really miss the good old days, wish we could drop into Verdank on more time," said one user, with another claiming "Verdansk was taken for granted."

Call of Duty players convinced Verdansk will return in Warzone 2

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While the doors closing on Warzone 1 have hit the Call of Duty community hard, certain players are convinced that features from the OG battle royale will return with time.

Specifically, fans are confident that Activision will eventually bring Verdansk to Warzone 2, potentially in a remastered form.

"CoD will make Verdansk return... mark my words," said one user, but with no indication from the devs that it is coming anytime soon, the community will just have to keep their fingers crossed,

Either way, today marks the end of an era for the CoD franchise and gives the community a chance to look back on the fond memories they made in Verdansk, Caldera, and Rebirth Island.

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