Helldivers 2 fans slam 'clown' devs for 'trash' crossbow nerfs

Helldivers 2 fans slam 'clown' devs for 'trash' crossbow nerfs
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Alex Garton


29th Apr 2024 17:25

Without a trusty weapon in-hand on Helldivers 2, it's extremely difficult to spread democracy across the universe and wipe out any foes in your path.

This is especially true for the Goliath Automatons or the countless opponents that apply a slow debuff, so it's essential you're equipped with a gun that can deal with any task.

Of course, it's absolutely key that the arsenal remains balanced, and that job falls on the devs. However, so far in the Helldivers 2 life cycle, Arrowhead Game Studios has been accused by the community of making the wrong changes in certain patches.

This definitely appears to be the case again in the latest update, with the fans slamming the "clown" devs for making the crossbow unusable.

Crossbow nerfed heavily in latest Helldivers 2 patch

Helldivers 2 player holding LMG
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In the April 29 patch 01.000.300, Arrowhead Studios revealed it was bringing down the hammer on the CB-9 Exploding Crossbow.

The biggest hit to the weapon's power is the reduction of the explosion radius, which is particularly impactful when you fire a projectile at an enemy's feet.

This was one of the strongest aspects of the Crossbow, and after testing it out following the patch, players are convinced it's now "trash."

There's also a lot of confusion as to why this nerf was even necessary, as it certainly wasn't an OP gun ahead of the April 29 update.

Helldivers 2 players flame the "trash" Crossbow changes

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The reaction to the crossbow nerf has been overwhelmingly negative, with fans making it clear they "hate" the changes and cannot believe the "clown" devs thought this was a good idea.

While the crossbow wasn't meta before this update, many players found it immensely fun, and now, in their eyes, it's "absolutely useless."

"Can Arrowhead just straight up describe their overall vision for this game, hire play testers who actually play said game, and explain WHY they do what they do for EACH bullet point in patches? The comms are worse than no comms," said one user, with another claiming, "I just started liking that weapon for larger enemy groups, guess I can throw it out of my arsenal now that it doesn't do the thing I liked using it for."

It's obvious players want more clarity on why certain changes are being made, as the decision to nerf the crossbow's explosive power has left everyone scratching their heads. Unfortunately, it may be time to leave the crossbow behind, especially on higher difficulties.

Alex Garton
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