Helldivers 2 fans demand Warhammer mods, but don’t be so hasty

Helldivers 2 fans demand Warhammer mods, but don’t be so hasty
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17th May 2024 12:23

There's plenty of shared DNA between the Helldivers and Warhammer franchises, as loyal grunts take on waves of alien, supernatural, and sci-fi forces. In fact, many see Helldivers 2 as an unofficial Warhammer game - shush, just don't tell Games Workshop.

We've seen the world of Warhammer spread its tendrils into other major IPs, with the gaming giant that is Call of Duty recently embracing its "Warhammer 40,000: For the Emperor" event in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. With Helldivers 2 still firing on all cylinders, fans are pitching their own ideas for a Warhammer 40k crossover.

Helldivers 2 fans are ready for Warhammer 40k mods

While it remains to be seen whether the packed Helldivers 2 roadmap will take a leaf out of CoD and Fortnite's book by diving into the money-making pool of crossovers, it seems players aren't waiting around. Arrowhead Game Studios already has some Star Wars-inspired enemies, but now, fans have made their own Star Wars mods.

We've likely opened Pandora's Box here, and although we knew it was only a matter of time until PC players started adding everything from Thomas the Tank Engine to Shrek to Helldivers 2, there are some genuinely inspired mods out there. After the Star Wars mods went viral, a slew of Helldivers have been asking for Warhammer to get the same treatment.

Over on the Helldivers Reddit, there are numerous threads calling for an official Helldivers 2 x Warhammer 40k crossover, a Warhammer 40k game in the style of Helldivers 2, or Warhammer 40k mods. Despite all the usual sceptics who want Helldivers 2 to strike out on its own, it's an idea that's gathering steam. 

Be careful what you wish for

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Elsewhere, some are pointing out the potential problem of Warhammer 40k mods and mods in general. Redditor u/ImRevanBtch asked if there was an official stance on mods from Arrowhead. The top comment explains that while cosmetic mods seem to be okay, there's a chance the game's anti-cheat will misinterpret them. 

Devs in the Helldivers 2 discord apparently said that although they aren't against mods, the game's nProtect GameGuard might not see it that way. Later in the comments, u/LKCRahl claims that the full Star Wars pack is soliciting payment, which (if true) is against the end-user license agreement (EULA) and could lead to legal action from Disney. 

They go on to point out how Starcraft 2 found itself in trouble with attempted Warhammer 40k mods back in the day, so we'd advise you not to try and take on the wrath of Sony with your own Helldivers 2 mods. By the sounds of it, we'd have to go down the official route if there's any chance of seeing the Imperium of Man kick some Automaton butt. 

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