Helldivers 2 expert shows how to instantly destroy Factory Striders

Helldivers 2 expert shows how to instantly destroy Factory Striders
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Alex Garton


15th May 2024 12:00

It's no secret that Helldivers 2's Automaton faction is the toughest set of opponents on the battlefield.

The heavily armoured mechs sponge bullets with ease, and in the chaos of a skirmish, it can be difficult to identify their weaknesses. Some of the most formidable Automatons are the Factory Strikers, also nicknamed "Walkers" by the Helldivers community.

Massive, intimidating, and deadly, taking these down can be a huge task for even the most experienced freedom fighter. Luckily, one Helldivers 2 expert has highlighted a weak spot on the Factory Striders that makes insta-killing them a breeze.

How to insta-kill Factory Strikers in Helldivers 2



Taking to the Helldivers subreddit, user ExpressDepresso decided to share an unbelievably useful trick for dispatching Factory Striders.

While it's possible to take them down from afar, very few players are aware that the four-legged mechs have a "pretty big weakness."

For starters, you'll need to close the gap on the Factory Strider and get up close to expose this weak spot. This may mean taking down any pesky enemies surrounding the Walker before heading in for the kill, as you don't want to get caught off-guard by a rogue opponent.

After you're next to the Strider, fire an explosive weapon into the back portion of its belly, and the robot will be destroyed in seconds.

What weapon is best for taking out Helldivers 2's Factory Striders?

Factory Striker giant mech Helldivers
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In terms of which weapon to use, the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon is extremely effective in this spot, dealing massive amounts of damage.

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According to users in the thread, the Jar-5 Dominator gun also works with this technique, so either of these options should put an end to any Factory Striders in your path.

Picking up these tips and tricks will turn you into the ultimate Helldiver and ensure no opponent can stand in your way of spreading democracy.

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