Helldivers 2 fans slam 'pathetic' Patriot Exosuit & demand fixes

Helldivers 2 fans slam 'pathetic' Patriot Exosuit & demand fixes
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Alex Garton


13th May 2024 12:00

Following the liberation of Tien Kwan, Helldivers 2 players were rewarded with giant mechs that were meant to be the ultimate tool for spreading democracy.

The EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits are equipped with fourteen rockets and a minigun capable of holding over a thousand rounds - so it's safe to say they're packed with firepower.

On paper, this weapon of mass destruction seems like a dream for any Helldiver, but in reality, they've become "pathetic" in the eyes of the community. Plagued with aiming issues and dealing far less damage than expected, these mechs are an afterthought for a lot of fans.

Helldivers 2 players claim "frustrating" Exosuits are useless

Taking to the Helldivers subreddit, user Efficient_Menu_9965 decided to argue that the Patriot Exosuit has become "FUBAR" due to countless issues that Arrowhead Studios is refusing to acknowledge.

In their opinion, the mech's "rocket pods are f**ked beyond belief", and the "aim is completely off," resulting in shots going "nowhere near your reticle even against a target at medium distance." The accuracy is so poor on the Exosuit that "players have to aim AWAY from the target they wanna hit if they wanna hit it."

This isn't acceptable, and considering the mechs are meant to be among the most formidable tools at a Helldiver's disposal, it's ruining the experience for many in the community.

"The damn thing was already swept away into irrelevancy, doubtless due to their esteemed and famously impeccable balancing that dares not let the players have some modicum of a power fantasy... But somehow they've given us even less incentive to use it."

Helldivers 2 "Honeymoon period" is over & fans want the devs to step up

Helldivers 2 Exosuit
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Despite positive communication from the Helldivers 2 CEO recently, it's clear a lot of fans are losing patience with the balance team.

In their eyes, the "honeymoon period" has come to an end, and there are no excuses for hard nerfs who come at the expense of fun anymore.

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"I can't believe there are guns with the aim STILL off, honeymoon period is defo over, I love the game and A.H but it's obvious people are getting fed up of this now."

Compared to launch, the sentiment around Helldivers 2 seems to be souring. Poor balancing is clearly where the anger is coming from, so let's hope the devs can turn it around and start injecting more fun into the gameplay.

Alex Garton
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