Deadly Helldivers 2 bug is blowing our faces off

Deadly Helldivers 2 bug is blowing our faces off
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Tom Chapman


30th Apr 2024 16:54

When Helldivers 2 gets it right, it really gets it right. The shooter has us teaming up to spread democracy across the galaxy, giving us a loyal sense of comradery that Warzone, Apex Legends, and the like can only dream of. 

Still, when Helldivers 2 gets it wrong, it really gets it wrong. Amidst complaints of 'impossible' Major Orders and 'infuriating' Citizen Evan missions, wannabe Helldivers are warned about a potentially deadly bug (not the Terminid kind) that can send you straight back to the lobby.

Deadly Punisher Plasma bug is killing Helldivers 2 players 

Alongside an increase in difficulty for solo players, the latest Helldivers 2 patch has tweaked Energy Weapons in an unwanted way. As shared on the game's subreddit, equipping a Shield Generator Backpack and firing a Punisher Plasma will blow your face off. 

In the footage, we see the player firing their weapon into the distance with no problem. However, when they equip the Shield Generator Backpack, it traps the energy in the bubble with them and causes a lethal amount of damage. With two pulses, the Helldiver is eliminated. 

Some aren't convinced it's even a bug, claiming that the physics of a Shield Generator Backpack bouncing Energy Weapons off it would also apply to those inside it. Others say it's a nerf, although it keeps the logic of how these things should work.

Helldivers 2 players split on Shield Generator 'nerf'

Helldivers 2 Punisher Plasma Shotgun
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Opinions were divided on the issue, with one player saying, "Total guess - this is because of the other change where your own bullets can now hit you when ricocheting." Another added, "Honestly, this is what I pictured in my mind regarding shields when I first saw"

Some were less forgiving of Arrowhead and think the issue is here by accident. One disgruntled gamer added, "But the dev in another thread said that they test things more reliably than the players ever could…Jesus Christ, the jokes write themselves."

If the devs intended this feature, it's simply a case of picking a different weapon while using a Shield Generator, which is hardly the end of the world. Either way, we'd be careful next time you want to try out the OP combo of the Punisher Plasma and Shield Generator Backpack. 

Tom Chapman
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