Helldivers 2 players finally liberated Varylia 5, and unlocked new mechs for their efforts

Helldivers 2 players finally liberated Varylia 5, and unlocked new mechs for their efforts
Images via Arrowhead Game Studios

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Lloyd Coombes


27th May 2024 16:17

Fallout once told us that "War never changes", but Fallout never met Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Game Studio's megahit has offered a constant trickle of change week after week as players take up arms across the galaxy.

And, after a particularly bloody battle against the automatons on Varylia 5. players have earned the spoils of war - with the new Emancipator Exosuit ready for a test drive.

Helldivers 2 players now have a brand new mech to play with

As shared via the game's account on X (formerly Twitter), players can now climb aboard the Exo-49 Emancipator Exosuit, a new mech that appears to have some big ol' autocannons on either side, as well as rockets, and should stop Helldivers inside it from being Terminid food thanks to its armour plating.

The liberation of Varylia 5 was made a priority last week to prevent the in-game Automaton faction from building a huge 'petafactory' on the planet.

What's fun, though, is that the same Order was left unchecked in recent weeks, perhaps due to player drop-off, perhaps due to the Steam controversy, or perhaps due to Helldivers rejoining civilian life after a tour of duty.

That means Varylia 5's freedom from Automatons was never guaranteed, but the game's player base managed to plant the flag of Managed Democracy anyway.

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More mechs for Helldivers

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In case you've been living in a bug hole for the last few weeks, players have already been rewarded with the Patriot Exosuit after liberating Tien Kwan.

What was supposed to be a flashy new stratagem has had some issues, though, with players noting the EXO-45 has rocket pods that don't hit what you aim at among other issues.

Here's hoping the Emancipator fares better than its robo predecessor once Helldivers get their hands on it.

Lloyd Coombes
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