New Arrowhead CEO has big promises for Helldivers 2 players, says "more and better stuff" on the way

New Arrowhead CEO has big promises for Helldivers 2 players, says "more and better stuff" on the way
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Lloyd Coombes


29th May 2024 09:11

Helldivers 2 has had a hell of a ride (see what I did there?) so far, but if the new Arrowhead Game Studios CEO has anything to do with it, this could be just the start.

New CEO Shams Jorjani has taken to the game's subreddit to introduce himself to the community, and he's already committed to some lofty promises.

New Helldivers 2 boss promises big things

"We knew it would be impossible to keep up with demand and the insatiable hunger for more fun s*** to do in/with HD2," Jorjani says in the lengthy Reddit post above.

"Our singular focus as a studio is to set things up in a sustainable way so that in the long term we can make more and better stuff. We're building a bit of scaffolding before we can make a bigger barn," suggesting Arrowhead needs to make deeper changes to support what has become a phenomenon of a title.

Over on the game's Discord, Jorjani notes the team is "definitely understaffed given the demand". As per GamesRadar, Jorjani has previously stressed the need for Arrowhead to be smart about its growth.

The shift in leadership is intended to help outgoing CEO Johan Pilestedt, who has largely become a public-facing figure in the months since Helldivers 2 launched, work more on the games themselves.

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Jorjani says it's "all about getting Pilen closer to the games".

"Making new games/prototypes, having more time to play Helldivers, work closer to Micke our excellent Game Director and the many other designers/devs we have."

"I've charged Pilen with being the Obi-Wan to many 'Lukes' in our studio. If everyone can hear Pilen's sage voice in the back of their heads when they're balancing weapons, designing missions or enemies the better."

I know I certainly wish I had more time to play Helldivers 2.

Lloyd Coombes
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