Halo Pro Issues Connor McGregor's Non-Apology To Halo Devs After Being Fined

Halo Pro Issues Connor McGregor's Non-Apology To Halo Devs After Being Fined

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Jack Marsh


6th May 2022 12:32

Game developers have an interesting ownership over their own professional player base, often tying partnered organisations and their players into contracts that forbid the bad-mouthing of the products they practically owe their careers to. Players such as Call of Duty's Seth "Scump" Abner have been fined by their respective devs in the past, for simply saying that the game isn't up to scratch, leaving players to often launch any criticism of the game wrapped up in a back-handed complimented or a clear sarcastic statement that is easily deciphered. 

Over in Halo, players have been gritting their teeth, following remote silence from the 343 Industries into the fixes of their broken game, despite releasing a cookbook. Priorities. 

However, one player has had enough. Tyler "Spartan" Ganza, of eUnited, has cracked, and has exploded all over the social media timelines, branding Halo Infinite as "f**king unplayable". To no surprise, a fine is heading his way, but that hasn't stopped him.

Halo Pro Fined For Slamming Infinite As 'F**king Unplayable'

Following an update to Halo Infinite, the professional player launched a barrage of assaults on the game, being very vocal on social media. "My gun keeps f*cking jamming, the movement is wonky and I can't turn speed lines off. Who the f**k approved this update lmao? Not playing this garbage until there's some sort of fix this is borderline unplayable. F**king pathetic," he began. 

"My lord I love the game but this has to be the worst update yet. Removing things nobody asked to be removed, adding things nobody asked to be in. This is just perplexing at this point. I truly cannot defend 343 on this one this is just a fat f**king L," he continued, before adding, "343 fix ur f**king game it’s unplayable."

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Spartan recently won the HCS Raleigh 2021 Best Objective Player award with eUnited's second-place finish at the event, before going on to finish third at Anaheim in February and fourth at Kansas City last week. 


Spartan Fined By Halo Dev Team Following Comments

Unsurprisingly, his comments haven't come free of charge, although if the developers thought this would make him shut his trap, they underestimated the prowess of keyboard warriors, significantly. 

In a no-fs-given Conor McGregor imitation, the Halo pro said, "Being fined Kekw. I'd like to take this moment to apologize... To absolutely nobody. I stand by everything I've said."

The fines coming Spartan's way will likely surmount to a tally in the thousands, although he donated most of his winnings at the previous few tournaments to charity. 

"All of my Anaheim winnings have now gone back to the community and Halo," he joked.

While the rant may not have been the best use of his time (and money), Spartan has voiced the opinions of a large portion of the Halo professional community, whose presence is dwindling with every broken lobby and game-breaking glitch.


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