Halo Infinite Infection Mode Created Using Forge

Halo Infinite Infection Mode Created Using Forge
Images: 343 Industries

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Joseph Kime


15th Aug 2022 10:19

Halo fans have been waiting patiently for Forge, and though 343 Industries insists it's working incredibly hard on it, fans still feel as though they're being let down by the team.

Though the launch of Halo Infinite was a pleasant surprise that set a new standard for the shooter series, the team's attitude to rolling out updates in order to actually finish the game has been a big disappointment. The co-op campaign was pushed back - as was the long-awaited return to the Forge - but one player has found a workaround and is already developing new modes for the game.

What Is The Halo Infinite Infection Mode?

A recent leak has given a lot of fans access to an early build of Halo Infinite's Forge mode, and one player has used it to redesign fan-favourite mode from all the way back in Halo 3. Infection started out as a custom game in Halo 2, before becoming an official part of Halo 3, and a mainstay of the franchise ever since. We always expected it to return, but not like this. 

The redeveloped Infection mode was shared in a two-minute video on the YouTube channel of Artifice, who claims that the mode has been in the works for the last two weeks. Even so, the short clip reminds us of the fast-paced high-energy gameplay of the original mode.

It's also a great peek into the possibilities of the new Forge, indicating that developing game modes could be a big part of the longevity of Halo Infinite once the mode actually makes it to the game. But, there could be more Infection to come.


Infection Could Be Officially Coming To Halo Infinite

There are rumours in fan circles that not only are we going to get Infection redeveloped in Forge, but we could also bear witness to the official return of the mode to the Halo series. Word has it that Halo Infection could be returning as part of a celebration of Halloween. Who knows if it'll actually stick around after it launches, but either way, it's an interesting rumour that actually holds some weight.

It's true that Infection is basically Halo's answer to Call of Duty Zombies (despite coming first), and while it's never quite hit the peak popularity of those radioactive shufflers, it's still a beloved piece of Halo history. Regardless, the return of Infection in one way or another is exciting. Maybe Halo Infinite could be on the way back up after all.

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