Halo Infinite Forge Footage Shows Off Giant Master Chief

Halo Infinite Forge Footage Shows Off Giant Master Chief
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Joseph Kime


5th Jul 2022 12:16

Forge mode is a huge deal for Halo, and it's a massive reason that players kept coming back to the game during the Halo 3 era. The chance to build your own maps, games, and game modes was indispensable to the Halo experience - making it exemplify the community-building capabilities of Xbox Live.

Knowing that Forge was returning to Halo Infinite was hugely exciting, but then, we were told it wasn't coming at launch. Fans seethed at the idea of having to wait, and remember, we still haven't heard anything official from 343 Industries. Thankfully, a new leak has shown us that Forge could be huge... quite literally.

Halo Infinite Forge Leak: What's Going On? 

Some new footage has leaked from the in-progress Forge mode yet to come to Halo Infinite, and it looks as though fans are going to be very happy with the finished product. Forge could really be the breath of fresh air Halo Infinite needs.

As revealed on Twitter by insider Rebs Gaming, a video has been leaked from the Halo Infinite Forge that unveils the option to rescale items and players. Before you start questioning what uses this could have, it's displayed by a monstrously large Kaiju Master Chief.

The footage itself comes from YouTuber Bradguy123, and further footage from him has revealed the opportunity for players to actually create their own weapons to take into battle.

It's a wild addition, and it has a lot of fans excited that this version of Forge could be the greatest in the franchise yet.


When Is Halo Infinite Forge Coming Out?

As of right now, we have no word on when the Forge mode for Halo Infinite will be launching - but a lot of players are hoping for a release date soon, especially as this is a feature that we'd hoped for at launch. Fingers crossed that the mode will be coming to the game in the next couple of updates, but again, there's simply no confirmation coming from 343.

The Halo Infinite Forge looks to be in a good state though, so a surprise drop could soon be on the cards. It's about time Forge reared its head, especially as we've waited so long for it. Maybe the Halo Infinite resurgence is upon us.

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