No Halo Infinite Story DLC, 'Tatanka' Game To Use Unreal Engine

No Halo Infinite Story DLC, 'Tatanka' Game To Use Unreal Engine
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Joseph Kime


1st Feb 2023 11:22

The last few months have been a bad time for 343 Industries. Though Halo Infinite was a solid entry into the shooter series, the lofty goals of being the new jumping-off point for the franchise's franchise proved to be a little optimistic.

As big names in the company started jumping ship, the future of the company and its biggest series have been questioned. Now, new changes at 343 have implied a very different future, and it's one that has sacrificed a lot of innocent, hard-working, developers.

Is 343 Industries Working On A Halo Infinite DLC?

No Halo Infinite Story DLC, 'Tatanka' Game To Use Unreal Engine
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A huge new reveal from inside 343 Industries has confirmed concerns from many fans - Halo Infinite won't be getting any DLC content.

As reported by Bloomberg (via VGC), the news comes alongside the announcement that at least 95 members of staff at the company have been laid off to make way for this new vision for Halo's future with its upcoming project.

It is suggested that there won't be any DLC content for Halo Infinite because it was made using the Slipspace Engine. The engine is reportedly pretty buggy and hard to design for, which is a problem that made the game's development difficult in the first place.

More content will come to Halo Infinite in the form of some new multiplayer modes, but no full DLC is planned, with no intent of directly extending the story of the latest game.

Halo's 'Codename Tatanka' To Be Developed In Unreal Engine

Seemingly in a bid not to repeat the mistakes of the past, the next game from 343 Industries is codenamed Tatanka and will be developed using Unreal Engine rather than the clunky Slipspace Engine.

The new multiplayer game is being developed in tandem with Texas support studio Certain Affinity, and it is said that it began its life as a battle royale but has since developed in a different direction.

Whatever is next for 343 Industries, it's coming on very thin ground. Even though the team owns one of the forefathers of the FPS, it's clearly still struggling. Despite Halo being in trouble, we're hoping we'll see it kick back soon. 

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