GTA Online Teases GTA 6 With Halloween Update

GTA Online Teases GTA 6 With Halloween Update
Images via Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


14th Oct 2022 16:11

If there's one developer that knows how to put the trick in "trick or treat," it's Rockstar Games. It's been 10 years and counting since we raced into San Andreas as Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, and although we've had GTA Online to keep us occupied, things are getting pretty strained. Although we know a new GTA is officially in the works, even the most die-hard players are getting bored of waiting.

With each GTA Online update, we jump back into the open-world RPG and try to hunt out even a sniff of the next mainline game. Now, we might've found a clue in the most unlikely place possible. As UFOs return to the map for the GTA Online Halloween, Rockstar could be keeping us "sweet" with some GTA 6 candy.

What Is The GTA 6 Teaser?

The spooky season is upon us, and while most are waiting for the annual Fortnite Fortnitemares, everything from Dead by Daylight to Apex LegendsCall of Duty: Warzone to Overwatch 2 are going bump in the night. GTA Online's own offering sees UFOs return again, and if you find them all, you're promised to get a "reward." 

Live right now (October 14), you're supposed to get snap-happy and locate the UFOs that are currently circling the GTA Online map. An official Rockstar blog post outlines what you have to do and what it might be leading to. We're told, "Documentarians who provide record of each and every sighting this month will collect a fee from a generous believer," which screams GTA 6 tease if ever we've heard one. 

Trusted GTA leaker Tez2 had leaked the UFO event ahead of time on the GTA Forums, where there are some more details. Given that they were on the money with the event, there's likely more to the claims that there will be 17 daily events leading to a Halloween reveal. All of this ties together with the bizarre inclusion of a new photo in the GTA Trilogy's Lil Probe Inn from San Andreas.


Why UFOs?

Much like Bigfoot, UFOs and GTA have become great bedfellows. Back in 2020, GTA Online had you fight shady government agents and look a UFO crash site for the Fort Zancudo Business Battle, but last year, the extra terrestrials returned for a full-scale invasion of San Andreas. This year, Rockstar is pushing the boat out further - but it's likely to lead to complaints the team isn't busy on GTA 6

Whether this will become an annual thing remains to be seen, but with hopes of GTA Online eventually getting an update (or new game), we're expecting something even bigger in 2023. For the time being, practice your best Mulder and Scully impressions and look to the skies... the truth is out there.

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