GTA 6 'Features Latina Female Protagonist'

GTA 6 'Features Latina Female Protagonist'
Rockstar Games

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Joseph Kime


27th Jul 2022 13:15

Rumours of big change coming to Grand Theft Auto have swirled since even before we knew GTA 6 was in development. And frankly, it's about time.

Though Rockstar realistically doesn't have much of a reason to change the formula it has perfected, the series' history of transphobia, sexism, and splitting pedestrians isn't particularly 2022, is it? There's always room for improvement, meaning the developers are smart enough to make a funny and satirical crime sim that doesn't have to punch down, and as such, many have called for change.

And it looks like that change is here.

Will GTA 6 Have A Female Protagonist?

A new Bloomberg report into the culture at Rockstar Games has unveiled some details about how the company has changed the way that it approached developing games - and in the process, it has seemingly confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature a female protagonist.

The report claims that people close to the development GTA have identified that the title features a Latina protagonist, who is reportedly one of two main characters inspired by Bonnie and Clyde.

Bloomberg continues that the company has made a lot of changes to development, by reducing the gender pay gap present behind the scenes, and has reportedly committed not to "punch down" when it comes to making jokes about marginalised groups.

This is big news for the franchise going forward, because not only have we never had a playable female protagonist in the GTA series, but this could end up being a dramatic shift in the tone of the series, especially after its past of making transphobic gags and objectifying women pretty intensely.


GTA 6 Is The Biggest GTA Yet

Who'd have guessed? The report goes on to explain that GTA 6, which is codenamed Project Americas, is set in a fictionalised Miami with a world that will constantly expand as time goes on, adding new cities for players to explore.

Plus, it suggests that there have never been so many indoor areas to explore in the series before, meaning that the chances of walking up to a house and being able to simply walk in are hugely increased. This is huge news, and it could make for a GTA we've never seen the likes of before. If the report is to be believed, then Rockstar may be about to take over the world all over again.

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