GTA 6 players argue about the ability to kill kids

GTA 6 players argue about the ability to kill kids
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Tom Chapman


15th Sep 2023 12:03

Violence and video games have largely become an expected part of society these days, and while some will clutch their pearls at the thought of it, where would Call of Duty without you blowing someone's brains out or Mortal Kombat without Nitara ripping someone's spine out through their mouth?

There's a difference between making violence a key part of the story and just sticking it in for the sake of it, but we have to draw a line somewhere.

Although the Grand Theft Auto series has made its name with gratuitous sex and violence, even Rockstar's automotive adventure stops short of letting you kill kids...right?

GTA 6 players argue over killable kids

We're currently lost in a purgatory-like state of GTA 6 news, with Rockstar still refusing to lift the curtain on what comes next. We've all read the rumours and seen the leaks about a Vice City return, female protagonist, and dynamic weather, but what about the smaller details? Namely, what about beating the sh*t out of some snot-nosed kid.

A bizarre conversation has arisen among GTA 6 players, asking whether you should be able to kill kids in the next game. Although we're not sure whether it started as a joke or not, the Twitter account @SWEGTA tweeted, "I’m fine with killable kids in GTA VI." This opened a can of worms, with people arguing for or against it. 

Taking to a Reddit thread titled, "What. The. F**k. I have no words," one supporter said, "Why is it okay to kill virtual adults and animals but not a child? Kind of weird to try to have a moral high ground about not killing a child in a video game but dismembering adults with chainsaws and all sorts of things isn't too far?"

Another added, "I'll be honest, I see no problem. It's the moral dilemma of the player. Do you or don't you, but the ability should be there. For example, I'll never kill a horse in RDR or a dog or anything like that in a video game. Why? Because it upsets me. BUT, the ability is there. It can happen, but not by me."

Someone responded saying, "Meanwhile Simpsons Hit and Run letting you run over children." Another concluded, "You can torture someone in [GTA] V. Much worse than having a kid being thrown into a wall or something. Hell, you can dropkick children and murder them in Dying Light 1 soooo."

GTA's bizarre history with kids

Jack Marston Marston Family Red Dead Redemption
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It's not like Rockstar is afraid to include kids in games. Red Dead Redemption had Jack Marston, while Bully is a whole game about kids (although you can't kill them). As GTA is a much more controversial franchise, we can only imagine the legion of mother's groups that would love to get it in trouble for allegations of child abuse.

Michael De Santa has two kids who are of adult age, and whether you've noticed it or not, there doesn't appear to be anyone under the age of 18 in Los Santos. Looking at the history of video games, the likes of Fallout 2 have let you harm kids, and it's never reflected particularly well. 

Of course, modders have never been afraid to add kids to GTA V, letting you beat them to a pulp or run them down in your vehicle. Then again, modders are always going to do what modders do. We're not sure why you'd want killable kids in GTA 6, and to be honest, we doubt Rockstar does either.

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