GTA 6 leak hints at its creepiest questline yet

GTA 6 leak hints at its creepiest questline yet
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14th Sep 2023 14:18

It looks like there's a killer on the loose in Vice City, and while we've largely given up hopes on Rockstar Games revisiting the glory days on Manhunt, the next Grand Theft Auto could scratch that "killer" itch. Fresh leaks suggest GTA 6 could have a serial killer questline.

Rockstar hasn't exactly been forthcoming on its GTA 6 details, leaving the fans themselves to pore through the hours of footage and screenshots to try and piece things together like they're their own Detective Moorehead. Get your notepad ready, because apparently, there's a serial killer on the loose.

GTA 6 leaks tease serial killer storyline

Over on Reddit (h/t Dexerto), wannabe sleuths have proved their worth by discovering a "Missing Tourists" event line. In September 2022, there was a mega dump of GTA leaks, which Rockstar seemingly confirmed as legit. Although it's supposedly from an early build, most plot points are thought to be in the final game. 

This specific clip refers to six events that are linked under "Missing Tourists." The first is "Trophy Room," which sounds like some sort of Scream-inspired homage where the killer has been collecting mementoes of their victims. 

With mentions of "Junkyard Victims" and "Cave Victims," it sounds like this mystery assailant has been quite busy. Importantly, the variety of locales hints at how big the GTA 6 map could really be. As Dexerto notes, Vice City being a parody of Miami could see the GTA 6 serial killer be its own take on Showtime's Dexter.

The bloody history of Rockstar Games

GTA V Infinity Killer
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Having a serial killer in GTA 6 would continue a long tradition of macabre questlines in Rockstar games. The aforementioned Manhunter and its sequel were particularly brutal, while the likes of Red Dead 2 have included some pretty dark mysteries, including the American Dreams questline.

GTA V wasn't short of its own bloodthirsty maniacs, with the murderous movie maker Peter Dreyfuss or Merle Abrahams as the Infinity Killer. The 2013 game also had the legend of the Graveyard Killer, which is supposedly an urban legend that can only be found through modding and fan fiction. 

From the Los Santos Slasher to the murder surrounding the Ghost of Mount Gordo, GTA has never been afraid to move away from its automotive roots and embrace the darker side of serial killers. Will GTA 6 add another unhinged killer to its roster? Here's hoping.

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