GTA 6's rumoured $150 price tag won’t stop you buying it

GTA 6's rumoured $150 price tag won’t stop you buying it
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Joseph Kime


6th Sep 2023 17:50

The next Grand Theft Auto is probably going to be one of the best-selling video games of all time, and it doesn't seem like anyone is arguing with that fact.

Its predecessor came pretty close, and given how much staying power that game has had (being the most profitable entertainment product of all time), it would come as no surprise if GTA VI broke more records than we can count.

However, new rumours have indicated that there's another record it'll break - but it's not one that players will be particularly happy about.

Rumour suggests that GTA VI will be $150

Even though there is no concrete evidence or mention from Rockstar Games, a rumour has begun to swirl in the GTA fan space that indicates it could be the most expensive base game that we've seen in a very long time, totalling at $150 for a mere entry.

It'd be pretty bold of Rockstar to ask so much, even though the game is set to be one of the biggest in history, which has shed doubt on the rumour, but it has been circling regardless.

There's no proof of its appearance yet, but that doesn't mean that fans haven't been reacting to the immense price tag. And it turns out that fans are, for the most part, okay about it.

Fans react to GTA's rumoured price tag

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It looks like die-hard GTA  players fans aren't that fussed about the rumoured cost of GTA VI, because they know what they're getting - and they expect the game to be worth every penny.

One wrote, "We buying anyway," while another agreed, "Like it matters, people spend thousands on the online game with shark cards." Still, someone else said, "If I'm paying 150 the strippers better come out of my screen to give me a lapdance."

It's no shock that the dedicated will shell out this much for GTA 6, especially as many of them have already shelled out for Shark Cards. While it's sad to accept that GTA 6 could be $150, Rockstar has typically gone to ground. Maybe give us a release date before we worry about the price!

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