God Of War Ragnarok Will Apparently Have 4.5 Hours Of Cutscenes

God Of War Ragnarok Will Apparently Have 4.5 Hours Of Cutscenes
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Joseph Kime


4th Oct 2022 14:23

When it comes to entertainment, there ought to be a time cap. I don't care if you've played Skyrim for 800 hours, that's too much game.

At a certain point, media has dragged itself out - and though it's easy to say that movies should cap out at a couple of hours (unless you're Seven Samurai, with no other exceptions), it's harder with video games. After all, they're designed with varying runtimes, styles, and messages.

Thankfully, 2018's God of War and its predecessors never feel as though they outstay their welcomes. When it comes to 2022's Ragnarok and the cutscenes are all crammed together, damn, does it seem long.

How Long Is God Of War Ragnarok? 

God Of War Ragnarok Will Apparently Have 4.5 Hours Of Cutscenes
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Insider Gaming - which has also claimed a whopping playtime for the game - has revealed that the game will be packing four and a half hours' worth of cutscenes. That's likeā€¦ two movies. We're going to lose our lives to this game.

We're being facetious, and to be fair, that's probably similar to the time count that God of War packed anyway. When it's all quantified though, it doesn't half make it seem long. We knew for certain that Ragnarok is going to go in, what with it being the finale of the Kratos and Atreus saga.

Given the seemingly finite nature of the Norse sequel, we'd expect nothing less than the most crucial storytelling of Santa Monica at this point. But that's not all, as the report has also supposedly revealed the God of War Ragnarok runtime too.


How Much Additional Content Does God Of War Ragnarok Have?

According to the same source at Insider Gaming, it looks as though God of War Ragnarok is set to run for a good 40 hours in total. There will be 20 hours needed before the credits roll, and another 20 for the rest of the game's content to be beaten.

This sounds about right, as it's quite a similar length to the first game - meaning that we could be in for a similar experience. This is what we expected, and to be honest, providing that Ragnarok is even half as good as the first game, we won't have much reason to complain.

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