God Of War Ragnarok Fans Horrified To Learn They've Been Killing Kids

God Of War Ragnarok Fans Horrified To Learn They've Been Killing Kids
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Joseph Kime


15th Dec 2022 10:39

God of War, even in spite of its name and legacy, is a far cry from its past. The fantasy series was once a gnarly hack-and-slasher that put players into the hefty boots of Kratos at the height of his rage, tearing through the gods like wet tissue paper.

The violence is pulpy and addictive, which helped to propel the series to great heights - but Kratos' more tempered turn as a dad in the rebooted God of War truly made him a household name.

While the God of War games are still violent, they have an emotional throughline that ties it all together. Sadly, though, it hasn't helped players reconcile with the fact that they've been killing children in God of War Ragnarok. Whoops.

God Of War Ragnarok Is Making Players Kill Kids

The following contains spoilers for God of War: Ragnarok. Don't say we didn't warn you, babes.

Oh, the horror. New revelations in the God of War Ragnarok story have revealed a dark secret behind the enemies - proving that players are chopping through children without so much as a thought.

Much like its predecessor, Ragnarok sees Kratos tear through Odin's ravens (this time at the Raven Tree), who reveal more about their being as you kill more of them.

It's much, much bleaker than we were ready for. As it turns out, the ravens themselves are children who have been sacrificed to the Allfather by their parents. Ah.

Later on in the mission, they begin to chant together, "Mummy and daddy tied the noose tight, to send us to Odin to bask in his light," which might be the most disturbing thing we've ever had the displeasure of hearing from God of War. Luckily, there's a chance to free the wee-uns.

God Of War Ragnarok Tasks You With Freeing The Children

If it helps you feel better about slaughtering all of those kids, then you'll want to keep up the mission, as it goes on to allow you to set them free.

Killing the mission's boss, The Raven Keeper, will allow the trapped souls of the raven children to go free. In the mythos of the game, he is the man to who the souls are sent to.

At least there's some kind of relief from this horror, but it doesn't exactly offset much of it. To be honest, killing kids might be a bit much. We might need to lie down.

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