God of War Ragnarok Easter Egg Pokes Fun At PlayStation All-Stars

God of War Ragnarok Easter Egg Pokes Fun At PlayStation All-Stars
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Joseph Kime


11th Nov 2022 16:28

God of War Ragnarok is finally here, and we couldn't be happier to see it arrive. The game has been anticipated for a very long time, and with this arc being the culmination of Kratos' rebooted story alongside his boy Atreus, there's a lot riding on the game to be good.

Luckily, as it's already breached Metacritic's list of the highest-ranked games of all time, we should be safe on that front. Though self-serious in many places, it looks like God of War isn't afraid to go nuts with Easter Eggs that reference other PlayStation titles - even the crap ones.

God of War Ragnarok References PlayStation All-Stars

The following contains massive gameplay spoilers for God of War: Ragnarok. Abandon all hype ye who enter hereā€¦

Once upon a time, PlayStation attempted to replicate the successes of Smash Bros. and failed miserably (we use "attempted" very purposefully) with PlayStation All-Stars, a royal rumble of PlayStation icons that completely missed the mark. The game featured Kratos himself, and it looks as though Santa Monica Studio treats these brawls as canon.

In a clip shared by GamesRadar, Mimir probes Kratos about a tournament he participated in, fighting beasts, scoundrels, princesses, the undead, automatons, and "history's greatest musician."

This, of course, pays homage to Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake, Fat Princess, Sir Daniel, the Big Daddy, and finally, PaRappa the Rapper. Damn right, he's history's greatest musician.

God Of War Ragnarok Is Peppered With References

It's not just All-Stars that's getting a look-in - though the game has been considered by many to be just a Kratos and Atreus story, there are plenty of Easter Eggs that pay homage to the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, and more.

The game is clearly relishing the fact that it's a PlayStation title, with lots of love to offer the other icons of the consoles - though Kratos is about as close to an icon that we have for the console right now. We reckon he could take the others in a fight. Though we suspect that's what All-Stars was for.

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