God Of War Ragnarok Devs Were Convinced It Was Going To Fail

God Of War Ragnarok Devs Were Convinced It Was Going To Fail
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Tom Chapman


10th Nov 2022 12:14

Kratos has picked up the Leviathan Axe and is hacking his way through the competition with God of War Ragnarok. Although its current critical ranking puts it just behind Elden Ring in terms of 2022's "best" game, others think our trip across the Nine Realms is far superior to the Lands Between.

With a slew of delays from its original 2021 release, the latest God of War game proves that patience is a virtue and that some games are well worth the wait. Considering Ragnarok is getting glowing reviews across the board, it's baffling to think that just a few months ago, the devs were convinced it was going to flop.

Did Sony Think God Of War Ragnarok Would Fail?

Although the debate is still out on whether Ragnarok is superior to 2018's God of War, or is simply a bigger and bolder affair, at least most of us can agree it's pretty great. We're sure there are plenty of devs at Sony Santa Monica wiping their brows, because according to Game Director Eric Williams, it was a close call.

Speaking to GQ UK, Williams explained, "They [the devs] were freaking out three months ago, 'Holy crap, the game's not good. What are we going to do?' I can't even imagine how they feel today. I wish I had a time machine to go back and feel like that." With such a warm reception, Williams said, "When you work with people that are at the apex of what they do, you're going to get magic. I just came from a room with those people. All I could say to them was, 'Thank you.'"

For Williams though, the final stages of Ragnarok's development involved him being the most critical person on the team. "You have to be very judicious. The team's already kind of burned [out], and you're asking a lot of them at a place where they're already pretty fragile," continued Williams. "It's tough. But we have a team of super duper talented people and they know what good looks like."

Is God Of War Ragnarok Worth The Wait?

There were also similar sentiments from God of War (2018) Game Director Cory Barlog. Expanding on the push to get Ragnarok out, Barlog added, "By the end, development is kind of like riding a horse. When the horse decides it wants to run, and it just starts going, you feel like you have no control, and you're just holding on." 

While we won't ruin what the end of the game holds for Kratos and Atreus, we know this is the end of the road for the franchise's Norse mythology. Remembering that God of War Ragnarok is currently the best-rated first-party PlayStation 5 exclusive, we don't see Sony Santa Monica casting the story out into the winds. There are plenty of avenues we could go down next, and if you've ever imagined a God of War in Chinese mythology, you aren't alone.

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