God Of War Is Officially Canon In The MCU

God Of War Is Officially Canon In The MCU
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Tom Chapman


29th Nov 2022 15:31

Two giants (quite literally) have come together, as Sony Santa Monica's God of War is officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since 2005, Kratos has kept us occupied as the Ghost of Sparta. Although we moved from Ancient Greece into Norse mythology with 2018's God of War, that's only helped the series.

Up there with The Last of Us and UnchartedGod of War has become synonymous with PlayStation's first-party juggernauts. So, it only makes sense it's honoured in the world's highest-grossing movie franchise.

How Is God Of War Canon In The MCU?


Continuity and the MCU is something of a sticky wicket. We know everything from Star Wars to Shrek exists within the lives of the Avengers. Eternals made DC canon with a mention of Superman, while the Holiday Special also made a meta reference to Batman. 

As for Kratos' place in the MCU, there's a throwaway comment about Dave Bautista's Drax the Destroyer being the God of War. Although the Guardians are usually found flying around in space, the team visited earth to kidnap Kevin Bacon for a homesick Star-Lord (Chris Pratt).

While Drax and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) searched for Bacon's house in Hollywood, they came across various cosplayers on the Walk of Fame. Alongside people dressed as Ant-Man and Black Widow, Drax gets mistakenly called the "God of War."

Due to Kratos and Drax both sharing muscular physiques and tribal markings, it's a clever in-joke. It also reiterates that despite helping save the world from Thanos, the Guardians' spacefaring adventures means the people of Earth don't know who they are. 

GoBots Are Also Canon


Away from a Kratos crossover, GoBots are also canon in the MCU now. There was a funny scene where Drax brawled with one. Don't be too quick though, as it seems the popular toy line could be based on an alien species.

We see Drax beating up someone dressed as Cy-Kill - claiming that GoBots killed his cousin. Gunn called the Holiday Special a must-watch ahead of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, so could we see GoBots in the upcoming threequel?

When it comes to Kratos, don't expect Christopher Judge to take his Leviathan axe to Drax. Then again, we know Amazon is working on a live-action God of War series and Bautista's name has been floated in fan castings. 

The GotG star has previously thrown his weight being Netflix's Gears of War movie, but with roles in the likes of Spectre and Knives Out 2, Bautista is hot property right now. If not, Gunn is the kind of guy that would throw in an Easter egg of Drax playing God of War Ragnarok just to play with fans. 

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