Former Rockstar Dev Slams 'Rocksuck' Amidst GTA Controversy

Former Rockstar Dev Slams 'Rocksuck' Amidst GTA Controversy
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Tom Chapman


22nd Aug 2022 12:22

Rockstar Games just can't catch a break, but then again, with such questionable behaviour, why should it? The acclaimed developer is known for the long-running Grand Theft Auto series, but as it continues to put the automotive adventure at the forefront of its work, it's come at the cost of BullyRed Dead Online, and even the idea of GTA remakes.

It's wild to think how far GTA has come from the early days of the top-down racer under DMA Design (that would eventually become Rockstar North). There's been a lot of talk about the upcoming GTA 6 including the franchise's first female protagonist, but way back when, the OG GTA actually had a female protagonist. Although some of us have forgotten about GTA, it's clear Rockstar hasn't.

Why Is A Former Rockstar Dev Slamming The Company?

Mike Dailly was a founding employee of DMA Design, but these days, it seems there's no love lost between him and Rockstar. In a series of YouTube videos, Dailly showed off work from the early days of the franchise - including prototypes for what would become the first GTA

Rockstar overlord Take-Two Interactive has become known for its ruthless stance when it comes to copyright, and more than your typical modder, Dailly is the latest victim of its cull. Posting on Twitter, Dailly said, "I see Rockstar are going full f*****s mode again, issuing copyright strikes to any GTA video they can find - including both my prototype videos. So now they're trying to block all release of anyone's work on a game - and any old development footage."

Continuing his tirade against Rockstar, Dailly added, "For those asking - yes, I've now removed all GTA dev stuff. Only direct examples of my own work are left - work that was never used in GTA, but 'inspired' parts of its evolution. You can thank Rocksuck." Way back when, DMA was known for the Lemmings franchise, however, that all changed with GTA. Before the work was pulled, Dailly was showing off a mid-'90s build of the game.


What's Next For Rockstar Strikes?

Grand Theft Auto 1997
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DMA Design

It's sad that Rockstar has run rampant with these takedowns, especially as there's so little about GTA's development out there. 25 years after the game first raced into our lives, it's great that Dailly wanted to give an insight into how this gaming giant was first born. Take-Two famously took down mods that remastered the likes of GTA: Vice City, but that's because it was about to release Grove Street Games' maligned GTA Trilogy.

Ironically, most thought the mods were better than the actual trilogy. This is the first we've heard of a developer issuing a takedown to one of its own, and to be honest, we can see why Dailly is annoyed. Alongside the death of Red Dead Online and word that it's cancelled a mythical GTA IV remaster, this latest debacle isn't painting Rockstar in a good light. 

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