Former Rockstar dev’s game is more ambitious than GTA

Former Rockstar dev’s game is more ambitious than GTA
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Tom Chapman


28th Mar 2023 10:50

When you hear the name Leslie Benzies, chances are you think of Rockstar Games and his acclaimed work on the Grand Theft Auto series. Benzies served as a lead on GTA III to GTA V, but now, has moved to pastures new.

As the work of developer Build a Rocket Boy, MindsEye is a brand-new game that looks like a fusion between GTA and Cyberpunk 2077. With several big names from the Rockstar camp moving over to Build a Rocket Boy, what would you expect?

Everywhere is putting GTA 6 to shame?

We've already covered the first teaser for MindsEye - which lives inside the mysterious Everywhere sandbox - and safe to say, it's putting Rockstar to shame. Don't take out word for it, just look at the comments.

Benzies is joined by former Rockstar devs Matthew Smith and Colin Entwistle, meaning they know exactly what made GTA the gaming giant it is today. That's all well and good having talent behind the scenes, but with the MindsEye trailer featuring in-game captures, it's blown fans away.

A disclaimer states "all in-game footage," and while parts look like an animated trailer worthy of Love, Death & Robots, you'd be fooled for thinking it was a typically oversold trailer. Responding to the footage, others quickly noted that MindsEye proves what GTA 6 "could" deliver. 

One gamer gushed, "Finally something to rival the entire GTA franchise," while another added, "Looks like a little bit of GTA and a little bit of COD combined!! 100% the Edinburgh crew will smash it." Others noted there's an open-world style that should have GTA 6 shaking. 

A third added, "YES! The game liveth! Can't Fu****g wait for this game! Leslie bouta show Rockstar that dropping him was the dumbest thing they could ever have done. Pumped to see what it's gonna turn out like."

Someone concluded, "Sam Houser is shaking rn. Haha, let's show the world #TheBenzPower! (I'm not hating on either games. As excited for Everywhere as for GTA 6)." We'll have to wait and see whether these two titans will be duking it out.

What's going on with GTA 6?

The good news is, GTA 6 boasts some equally impressive ambitions. Players recently went back and examined that massive leak from 2022, showing just how good GTA 6 was looking even in its early stages. 

Notably though, many clocked that MindsEye will likely come out before GTA 6. One of the big mysteries is exactly when Rockstar plans on releasing the next GTA. It's been a decade since GTA V became the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

The problem is, GTA V set the bar so high and there have been so many rumours of development hell, Rockstar is likely wanting to make sure things are perfect before it releases GTA 6. Look what happened to the GTA Trilogy

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